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5 Types of Workout Outfits for Tall Women

Alanic International Corporation

By Alanic

Workout needs enough motivation and the slightest discomfort can make it difficult to give that one more rep which can improve the form and fitness. For tall women, the right workout clothing is essential for a good performance – although the unavailability of suitable dresses for them is one of the hindrances. If you have set up a clothing store, here are 5 types of wholesale workout clothes that you should consider buying for your female customers blessed with longer legs.

Tall pants

Such kinds of pants are extremely comfy, and are ideal for tall women. You can find inseams of 33 – 35 inches in length within such pants, and these are extremely well-fitting. Such kinds of pants are not designed keeping only tall women in mind, although they are the ones who probably benefit most from them. These types of pants are available in varied styles from wholesale workout clothing manufacturers, such as slim boot-cut varieties. These can be found in a wide range of bright colors, and can add more ‘color’ to workouts.

Yoga pants

For women around 5 feet 10 inches or more in stature, tall yoga pants happen to be the best choices. Such kinds of bottoms are very comfy and have well-fitting fabric. You can find many stylish yoga pants in the market, and there is no dearth of options. These can be matched with good vests. Those of white color are very popular among women.

Knee-Length Training pants

These make tall women look sexy and amazing while working out, which is great considering the fact that every exerciser likes to be stylish in the gym. You can find knee-length pants in a wide range of styles, and those with draw-cords are especially amazing to look at. You would do well to buy this type of workout apparel wholesale from suppliers at cheaper rates.


Tights are quite popular too, and can be paired well with workout bra or sports bra of bright colors. This type of work out apparel wholesale of knee-length variety is an excellent choice for women of tall stature.


Also referred to as hokies, sweatshirts can be worn to keep warm after and even before working out. These outfits are extremely suitable, particularly during winter weather conditions, while jogging outside. During summer conditions, these are not in use. However, tall women who live in cold countries like to buy sweatshirts and you would do well to buy these for them.