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6 Types of Retro Outfits to Buy for Women

Alanic International Corporation

By Alanic

Retro dresses are trending these days, and provide young men and women with the chance to enjoy fashion loved by the previous generation or the generation before. People of any age can wear these dresses and step out in style. These dresses are simply a celebration of the fashion of yesteryear, although with some sophistication’s and trendy additions of modern times. If you have opened up a clothing store, it is a good idea to keep some retro outfits in your kitty from wholesale clothing manufacturers in USA.

Following are 6 types of retro dresses to purchase for fashion-conscious individuals.

Bohemian style

Such type of outfit is famous for its comfy and free style. It is the kind of dress that can be worn anywhere by people. Without making any effort, one can look amazing from any angle. As this type of wholesale custom clothing is free in size, people of any type of body size can wear these outfits from wholesale clothing label.

Rock style

These are t-shirts which have names of bands imprinted on them. At one time, these were very popular and this is exactly the reason why such kinds of outfits are witnessing a revival on the fashion front and supplied by wholesale companies dropship. The names of modern rock bands are imprinted on modern rock style t shirts from wholesale clothing manufacturer. These are a sweet way to inform the world about the rock band that the wearer loves.

Mod style

Such kind of style was famous back in the ‘60s, and is liked equally by the modern generation. These dresses are famous for the slim and sleek look that they offer. The best of knitwear, scarves, slim fit ties, skirts and polo shirts from wholesale clothing manufacturers display this fashion.

Hippie style

This type of style is famous for tunics, floral outfits and fringed leather jackets. In the 1960s, this type of fashion was extremely popular. You can order these from your wholesale clothing suppliers.

Disco style

During the 1970s, disco fever reigned supreme. This type of style is famous for its funky colors, tweeds, beads, bell bottoms, big collars and psychedelic patterns, and many wholesale clothing manufacturers USA love to recreate the style.

T-Bird style

Dresses of this type consist of leather jackets and white t shirts which display a rugged appearance. Both males and females can wear these dresses from wholesale clothing suppliers China.