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7 Tips for Making Your Clothes Fit Better

Everyone’s body shape is different, even if in very subtle ways. For that reason, it’s sometimes challenging to find clothes that fit correctly.

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Of course, there are plenty of DIY tutorials for resizing clothes or the option of seeing a tailor, but here are seven simpler ways to make clothes fit better.

  • Rethink Your Diet

When people gain weight, they tend to set aside a large chunk of their wardrobe to make room for clothes that are comfortable to wear and don’t accentuate the weight gain.

Part of why it’s so easy to gain weight nowadays is because the foods we eat are heavily processed. One way to improve your diet and eat higher quality food without sacrificing your favorite meals is to shop for meat and produce at a farm.

Seven Sons farm store offers 100% grass-fed beef, pasture-raised chicken, and many more organic and natural alternatives to your grocery store favorites. These healthier foods will help you lose that extra weight and fit into those clothes you’ve grown out of.

  • Layering

Layering is a great hack when you have a top that is too low-cut. By throwing on a couple of layers, you can instantly make your outfit fit better and look better.

Not only is layering stylish, but it makes your outfit look more thought-out. Contrasting patterns or lengths give your outfit an overall better fit.

  • Don’t Skip a Belt

Let’s face it. Many people’s weight fluctuates on a weekly or monthly basis. Sometimes, what fits us one week won’t fit as comfortably the next.

Using a belt is a great way to ensure all your bottoms are fitting according to your preferences. Belts also allow you to style your outfit. They can even be worn over dresses and large sweaters to make your outfit more flattering.

  • Tuck Your Shirts

If your pants won’t stay up, but you don’t have a belt, tucking your shirt in will help make pants, shorts, or skirts fit better.

The thicker your top is, the more room it will take up once you tuck it in. Not only will it look chic, but it will help you instantly resize clothes that don’t fit.

  • Consider Seeing a Tailor

Even though seeing a tailor requires more work than just using whatever you have on hand, it’s useful for big resizing projects.

Since all body types are different, tailors can adjust and refine your favorite clothing items to fit your body exactly the way you want.

Simply shortening or extending a hem can completely transform how an outfit looks. If you keep to a strict budget, you can easily learn to tailor your clothes using a home sewing kit. There are plenty of informative YouTube tutorials to guide you through the process.

  • Shop in the Kids Section

This tip might sound unconventional, but it’s a great trick for petite people who have trouble finding form-fitting garments.

Shopping in the children’s section won’t just help you find clothes that fit better; it will save you money since child size clothes are cheaper.

  • Ignore Sizes

Clothing sizes are simply a benchmark to help you decide what will fit the best. In reality, sizes vary, sometimes drastically, between countries and companies.

Now that “vanity sizing” exists, sizing larger garments with smaller tags to incentivize purchases is even worse of a problem.

Always try on the clothes you’re thinking about buying so you can see whether the garment is true to size. You might find that you need to size up or size down depending on what store you are shopping at.