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9 Ways to Rock Running Jacket as a Perfect Lifestyle Outwear

Fashion gurus always advise men to stack multiple types and varieties of outwears to keep that ‘freshness’ factor alive in the wardrobe. As sound as this idea really is (no sarcasm), it doesn’t suit well the people who are short on budget.

Are you one of those people? Can’t afford different running, sports, hooded, and formal jackets? Or simply don’t want so many types?

Well, here, we’re going to tell you ways how you can don running jackets as the perfect lifestyle wear. Keep reading, and thank us later.

It all begins when you’re buying

Not all running jackets would make good lifestyle wear. Many of them are made and designed to fill in their original purpose. But there exist many varieties, at least with the top online stores, which are good for running, but also are just as appealing look-wise. They are very stylish.

So, first-

  1. Find a dedicated fitness clothing online store, who offers many varieties of running jackets.

  2. Look for stylish varieties of these jackets (athleisure).

  3. Don’t just juggle with the standard varieties; go with the colorful ones.

  4. Don’t look for the cheapest varieties. If you’re really short in budget, bank on the seasonal sale of these online stores.

How to wear

  1. When wearing casually, pair these running jackets with classic denim jeans. Avoid chinos (for men) and skirts (for women).
  2. Shorts are great options. Just make sure the colors of the jacket and bottom complement each other.

  3. Avoid layering. But if needed (like, it’s cold!), go with plain, light-hue round neck tees.

  4. Don’t wear sports shoes. You want a casual and regular look, so sneakers and slip-on are great options. Simple slippers could too do the trick for you.

  5. Accessorizing is safe. Casual Watch, wrap watch, cuff bracelets, sling bags, dangle necklaces and more, all can enhance your overall look.

Keep these pointers in mind and rock running jackets as the perfect lifestyle outwears.