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A Comprehensive Guide About Hand-Tufted Towel

Have you ever done towel shopping for your house or office? If yes then you must know that there is a wide array of towels available on the market. Each of them has specific boons and bans. But do you know which are the most used towels for adding an aristocratic touch to the bathing experience? Yes, it is hand-tufted towels of course. These towels are not only budget-friendly but also available in multiple designs and colours.

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The popularity of hand-tufted towels gain momentum in the reasonable design sector. Thanks to the simplicity of these towels. In comparison with hand-knotted towels, the production of hand-tufted towels is simpler. Let’s discuss some genuine facts about hand-tufted towels that make them one of the best. Contact the top USA wholesale clothing vendors to get an exclusive range of towels.

Definition of Hand-Tufted Towel

Hand-tufted towels are a special category of handcrafted towels that are unique in knitting methods. Unlike hand-knotted towels, hand-tufted towels are manufactured without any knots. As the name indicates, the hand-tufted towel is tufted together with adhesive. The fibre is tufted with a gun or hand device. The pattern is used to be stencilled earlier onto the towel fabric by using a marker.

Types of Hand-Tufted Towel

Though hand-tufted towels are affordable, they are considered one of the most stylish and luxurious towel solutions. If anyone is looking forward to buying towels that are both opulent and durable, then nothing could be better than these towels. These towels are available in different yarn options. The entire look and quality of these towels depend on the category of yarns that are used in the stuffing method.

Hand-tufted towels are made with both organic and inorganic materials. Organic hand-tufted towels are made with natural yarn including cotton, and bamboo and inorganic towel are made with synthetic materials like linen, nylon etc. Merino and semi-worsted wool yarns are two other types of yarn that are used in hand-tufted towels. Below are some common benefits of hand-tufted towels that make them an ideal choice among buyers.


The very first benefit of hand-tufted towels is they are extremely resilient. Since most clothing manufacturers in Los Angeles use excellent quality durable material to make these towels, they hold strong resilience against any type of tear. Materials like linen, nylon and wool yarn are extremely strong. So these towels can last longer without getting damaged. Even heavy usage for years can’t damage these towels.


Another reason which makes these wholesale hand-tufted towels the best is their affordable pricing. When compared to other options, these towels are less costly. The price of these towels completely relies on the yarn quality that is used in the production. Especially if you are searching for an affordable yet elegant option, we would suggest choosing a hand-tufted towel.

Smooth Surface

The next notable benefit of hand-tufted towels is their smooth surface. These towels are exclusively handcrafted with ethereal designs. This makes these towels get a smooth surface which allows great comfort for the users. Made with incredible designs, hand-tufted towels can increase the look of the surroundings where it would be kept. Another notable aspect of these towels is their easy customization procedure. You can get customised hand-tufted towels as per your needs.

So these are some general facts about hand-tufted towels which you can get from any reputed clothing supplier wholesale. Cleaning these towels is also very easy and they can save you money to get the desired look of your home interior. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us.