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A Thorough Style Guide To Men’s Shoe Shade Combinations

Footwear, like everything else in menswear, has become less harsh of late, these days you can don Oxfords with trainers and jeans with a suit. But the means to pulling either off is in shade-matching, get the color wrong, and you can look like a car salesman on a night out or like you have slipped into your cozy shoes for your commute.

For the shoe shade novice, there are some fundamental rules to guide your preference every morning.

  • If you are wearing something vibrant on your feet, then fasten them with neutrals somewhere else. Gallant shoes are simpler to pull off if you are not also sporting a Hawaiian shirt.

  • It doesn’t matter what shade your shoes are if they are scrapped. Get a polish that matches up, or a neutral polish if you have gone for something fierce, and keep them in great nick. They will last longer as well.

  • Smart shoes and trainers follow different rules. White Oxfords are a bit weird, but white trainers will go with anything in your closet.

  • Smartness is affected by decoration besides color. Black Derbies are smarter than tan, on the other hand, chocolate Oxfords can be more sophisticated than both.

  • Usually, darker hues are smarter than lighter. They are more versatile as well.

  • Block shades are always smarter than anything multi-shaded.

Colorful trainers

Where white trainers led, its lighter plumaged brethren followed. Time was that bold-shaded sneakers were only for training. Now, they have sneaked from the streets into workplaces, an eye-grabbing way to show your attracting for the newest hype brand of footwear manufacturers. But all those shades make them much less versatile. In reality, they only work with neutrals, unless you can pull off some extremely advanced shade-matching. Even then, you are likely to leave bystanders with a migraine.

White trainers

They will work with any suit, even black, however, you are best switching the tie and shirt for something like a long-sleeved polo or roll neck and look amazing with any pair of jeans, from shredded stonewash to premium Japanese selvage. Same for parachute pants, for shorts, for chinos, whatever trousers you have got, white trainers will work.

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