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Accessories to Take Your Fashion Game to the Next Level

Your outfit is only as good as the accessories you choose to complete it. In fact, these often overlooked items can make or break your whole look. So it’s important to stock your accessory collection with flexible choices that break new life into even the most basic of outfits. 

Sometimes, accessories are purely there to add a little bling or a pop of color to your ‘fit. Other times, they are a functional part of your wardrobe. Either way, making sure you’re selecting the right accessories can take your fashion game to the next level. 

Stylish Headwear

Hats are the perfect marriage of style and function. Many times they provide shade from the sun and help you see better on a bright day. However, timeless headwear pieces have the ability to transform your whole look. 

Bucket hats are raging in popularity lately for their laid-back vibe and easy styling. Once reserved for the golf course or fishing, they are now popping up at pool parties and beach hangouts everywhere. The perfect quintessential hat for summer fun, these stylish large hats keep you cool while giving you effortless style. 

For a more formal look for the office or cocktail parties, look for structured fedoras. Channel your inner rat pack with a market full of options. These wrap an outfit up nicely with a touch of pure class. Neutral tones keep the look classic and give it a sophisticated vibe. 

Functional Yet Stylish Bags

Bags are one of the best pieces to invest in when setting your wardrobe budget. A well-made, perfectly designed bag can elevate your whole outfit. And when thoughtfully crafted, it will give you plenty of form and function throughout your daily life. 

No matter if you are shopping for a small purse or a large work bag, a cross-body strap option is a great feature. This keeps your bag more securely attached to your body for security purposes. Plus, it leaves both hands and arms free to carry groceries or wrangle kiddos. 

Sometimes you need plenty of space when heading to that sporting event or taking little ones on an outing. Stylish convertible backpacks are the perfect solution. You can invest in a high-end one by Cole Haan or opt for a budget-friendly version from DKNY. Either way, they have plenty of space for all of the things you need to bring along. Then, when you choose to, you can convert it to a shoulder bag to change up your look. 

Bracelets That Give Back

Sure, pearls and diamonds will always have a place in fashion. However, jewelry makers are now focusing on creating collections that give back to various charities or organizations. By purchasing these, you can look good while also feeling great about giving back

Pura Vida makes a great collection of collectible bracelets to compliment any outfit. With choices that support animal, environmental, and mental health causes, you can show off your passions while supporting these awesome organizations. Plus, you’ll have fun mixing and matching your colorful choices to complement your outfits.

Mantra Band is another notable bracelet maker that supports deserving organizations with the sales of their adorable products. Their Charity Band line features choices that give to everything from military organizations to health-related causes. Engraved with phrases like, “stronger together”, you’ll get a boost of the do-good spirit every time you peek at your wrist. 

Glam Glasses

Glasses have the potential to transform the appearance of your face. They also can be an effective way to help many people have clearer vision. But even if you’ve always been 20/20, you can still reap the stylish perks of some fun frames. 

Sunglasses are the best way to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Oversized frames not only protect your eyes better but they look ultra-glam. Order prescription ones from your optometrist if needed to see clearly while looking fab. 

The sun isn’t the only source of light that’s tough on your retinas. Staring at your phone and computer can cause eyestrain and fatigue. Check out the blue light filtering options like the many that Warby Parker has to offer. Not only will your eyes be comfier at your desk, but you’ll have the most stylish frames in the office. 

Smart Device Must-Haves

In this digital world, our electronic accessories need accessories. Protecting these expensive devices is a must as well as making sure they are as functional as possible. Plus, it just gives you another means to express your style and taste. 

Dropping your smartphone is one of the most daunting “oh no!” moments. Make it easier to grip with the help of a Pop Socket. In a huge range of styles and colors, these genius attachments help you grip your phone between your fingers for a more secure grasp. Plus they make it easier to prop your phone up on a surface to watch TikTok or read a recipe. 

Laptops often come in less than riveting shades like grey and black. However, you can take your computer from boring to stunning with a simple laptop skin. These graphically designed, removable decals allow you to add personality to the top of your laptop. So no matter if you go with a sweet floral design or a bold graphic, your choice is sure to make a statement at the coffee shop.  

Upping Your Fashion Game with Fun Accessories

The right hat can make your outfit both more stylish and more functional. A well-designed bag and smart device accessories can make your daily routine streamlined and organized. And glamorous glasses and charitable jewelry choices can be just the touch you need to perfectly complement your outfit. 

Boost your wardrobe by completing it with the best fun accessories out there. Not only will you add style to your life, but you can also add tons of personality too. Look for choices that make sense for your lifestyle and make you feel great. And your fashion game will be at its peak with your amazing choices.

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