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Adrenaline Rush While Cycling Was Never More Stylish!

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By Alanic

No matter what the season is, cycling is such an adventure sport that can be enjoyed at any season, under any circumstances. It replenishes and rejuvenates you at the same time. However, whoever said that you cannot be trendy and cool when you’re participating in any adventure sport is absolutely wrong. Now, with great statement competition bicycles, trendy kit packs, jerseys and even trendier shoes, you cannot help but create a statement out there in the rugged and treacherous paths as well.

Here are a few tips with which you can turn from a basic athlete to an icon —

1) Smarter and Colorful Jerseys

To think that adventure cyclists will have to don a monotone jersey in either solid colors or black is such a passe. It’s finally time to stop being a cliche. You can go for jerseys in bold but sparse geometric designs in monotone. And, if you’re not a sucker for bold fashion, then solid and bright colored cycling jerseys may just do the trick for you. If you’re unable to locate stores selling such outfits, you can have custom cycling jerseys made. Well fitted and different from the rest, these custom cycling clothing will just shout out loud your personality and make you an icon in no time!

2) Sturdy and Statement Kit

Well, if you think that you cannot do much with those cliched cycling kit of yours, then another thought revolution is needed. Just like the custom cycling clothes, you can also have a custom cycling kit made matching or mixing-and-contrasting your jersey. From helmets, socks, life jackets and even the water bottles and goggles—you can have your effortless signature style on the go!

3) Shoes Matter

With the great brands selling even quirky sports shoes, finding the perfect pair suiting all your whims and fancies shouldn’t be a big deal. Just make sure that the pair fits you perfectly and doesn’t hurt you. So, bid good bye to monotone or those duo tone sneakers and say hello to colors and prints. After all, shoes can make or simply break a game and a look, or both!

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