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Athluxury: What Is It All About & Some Smart Tips to Join the Trend

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By Alanic

Apparel that is designed for both fashion, as well as fitness activities, is termed “athluxury”. Generally, such clothing items blend fashionable cuts and details with performance features and technical materials, therefore creating stylish and practical pieces that are suitable for different types of activities. Smoothly mixing the modern fit of athleisure apparel with the iconic quality of luxury fashion, athluxury provides a comfortable and versatile appearance for any event. Right from the gym to the office to the brunch to even to the beach, no matter where you need to head to, athluxury has you covered.

If you are the type who always demands fashionable apparel with performance-ready features, athluxury is for you. Whether you are out running errands, going on a night out with friends, or simply chilling at home, athluxury pieces designed with a blend of top-notch materials and technologies will always keep you comfortable.

As more people join the trend, if you need some smart tips on how to incorporate it into your wardrobe, keep reading.

Look for A Prime Piece in Your Closet

No, you don’t need to make any additions to your closet (i.e. if you already have some athletic clothing pieces that can be easily transformed into an athluxury look). Opening your wardrobe, take out that cozy pair of sweatpants or an old sweatshirt and turn it into a prime piece of your athluxury ensemble. Upgrade them with some statement jewelry and a pair of stilettoes and you will be all set. At the end of the day, find what makes you feel comfortable and include an athletically-stylish element.

sweatpants and sweatshirt

Rely on A Tennis Dress

If you are someone who doesn’t like to sacrifice comfort for fashion, a tennis dress will be best for you. Wearing one from a trusted brand, you can head straight from work to a dinner with friends or any other casual event. You can also opt for flattering full-sleeve tennis dresses for colder months. Partner it with some studs and finish the look with black or white practical flats. No matter what kind of style you are looking for, there is a dress that will surely fit your needs and wants.

tennis dress

Take The Help of A Pleated Skirt

A nice pleated skirt can make any ensemble look athletically stylish when it’s about athluxury. Classic and easy to move around in, you can pair them with any top or shirt of your choice. To get a cute look, try pairing one with a matching top and simple flats. As you might know already, neons are so ‘in’ this year. So, don’t be afraid to sport a vibrant, bold color such as a luminous green, electric blue, or vivid pink.

pleated skirt

Varsity Is the True Companion

The most timeless vintage piece? It has to be the varsity jackets. A symbol of playfulness, youth, and fashion-forward thinking, they are suitable to be worn all year round. Cropped or oversized, they look great when worn along with one-piece dresses or short skirts. Many manufacturers are making an effort these days to turn the iconic streetwear piece into a prep hybrid style. Don’t wait but start layering up!

varsity jackets & short skirts

It’s Time to Dress Up Your Sneakers

Oh yes! Sneakers can help you look oh-so-chic and walk for miles at the same time. A voguish luxury pair can instantly dress up any ensemble. You just need to search them with patience (if you don’t have already). There are trendy minimalistic pairs as well. Once you visit the market, you will find that the options are endless. No matter what you go for, choosing the athluxury path, you will never opt for statement shoes again.


Say Hello to Your Sports-Themed Purse

Just ditch the gym bag and opt for a sporty purse instead (something that comes with an edge to it). Such an accessory comes with the power to glam up any ensemble. To finish your sweatshirt-skirt outfit, try a sporty purse that not only displays your favorite team but can also keep your belongings safe. Do you have an old, worn-out varsity jacket? Have some creative skills too? Get crafty by imprinting them onto your favorite mini purse.

gym bag

The Future of Athluxury

Athluxury’s future lies in the merger of fashion and technology. Manufacturers are exploring the incorporation of wearable technology and smart materials into their designs, offering features like compression support, sweat-wicking properties, and also built-in sensors to track performance metrics. The fusion not only increases the practicality of athluxury clothing but also enhances the overall experience of individuals.

sweat wicking or compression dress

By blending style, function, and innovation, reputable manufacturers are shaping the future of athluxury, uplifting it into high-end fashion status.

Business owners and retailers wishing to revamp your store with the ultimate athluxury clothing items, get in touch with a renowned clothing manufacturer today! The catalog brought by such a supplier is mind-boggling!