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The Best Tops To Team With The Gym Leggings For Women Above 40

Few women get really conscious about their looks once they cross 40. The feeling of getting mature instils a sense of serious and sombre style ideas, and they begin to getting used to more elegant silhouettes instead of being too preppy and funky. If you are also facing the same situation and wondering how to slip into the sporty chic gym leggings, you need to think of the innovative and classy ways to dress them up. Changing your fashion statement becomes very tricky when you look forward to embrace the leggings as they are basically know for the peppy side of theirs.

The requirement to wear something long to cover your bottoms owing to the skin fit features of the fitness leggings might sound drab and banal. But if you are confident about pulling them off with grace and perfection, you need to have an idea of the tops which would seamlessly blend with these sporty leggings.

Fiercely formal with blazers

For the social functions or office meetings, the leggings come as the super comfortable attire options. They can be fused with the blazer, which are till the bottom to lend you a very smart upheaval. Wear these blazers with the skin fit leggings and channelize a smart and  sober look. Under the blazer you can wear the strict formal shirt or the silk blouse.

Add the vests to accessorise

The long shirts can be worn with the short vests to try something innovative and off beat. The shirts sans collars or with collars look great with the chic vests as they offer the perfectly cutting-edge silhouette for the airport styles or may be for some parties to attend at the office.

The long tees for casual day outs

The long loose fit tees with graphic prints come with a casualflair, and this vibe gets you going with a modish and contemporary edge. The graphic printed long tops will help you to carry a preppy look with sophistication at the weekend errands or for movie outings and lunch plans. Add chunky accessories to glam up the look from too simple to something voguish.

Party in asymmetrical tops

The smart and fancy asymmetrical tops can be fused with the leggings and they channelise the most posh and classy looks. Add the ankle length sleek boots with them and add the long pendants with statement ear rings and scarves to toss them off with high-end fashion edge.

Winter fashion in long sweaters and leather jackets

From the long sweaters to the baggy leather jackets, the leggings are great with both of them for the winter fashion essentials. Get the sweaters in dark colors of blues, reds and black with huge ear rings to go for parties and New Year eve gatherings. For the leather jacket, stay away from adding any accessories may be except the choker neck piece.

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