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Best Trouser Styles Every Woman Can Pull Off!

If you are planning to dress up in chic outfit, the transitional season is the best time for you. This year you can seek solace in a particular fashion item- the trouser. Often going unnoticed and definitely underrated, the trousers can make you look fashionable and can elevate your attire as well.

One of the sought after clothing bulk suppliers have curated a classic collection of trousers that you can have a look through.

All you need to do is read on the blog below to know more about the style ideas.


Tapered trousers gather at the ankle giving it a lengthened silhouette. These styles are a hybrid between skinny and straight-legged trousers. The best aspect of styling these pants is that these look universally flattering on everyone irrespective of the height or body shape. Petite women can pull off this style with panache! The key to nailing the look with this type of trouser is the right footwear. Always look for such shoes that has a bit of height.

Wide Leg

This falls on the other end of the spectrum. In this style the pants billow at the bottom. In some of the cases, the pants are either fitted at the waist or generally have a looser fit around the thighs too. The best way to style wide legged trousers is to wear cropped shirt or tuck in the top-wear to make the outfit proportioned out. A pair of nude heels will look good with the trouser.


You can update your trouser look and opt for something made of leather. Women are increasingly loving this pants option lately. You can create premium tailored looks with a pair of leather trousers. Ideally you should look for a high-waisted fit which will look great with suede blazer.


During the winter season, you can switch to this trouser option. Given the temperature you will absolutely love wool pants because it not only adds warmth but are timeless too. You should [pair equally classic pieces with such trousers like a blazer or button up shirt.


Printed trousers are the “IT” thing for the summer season! Most of the time women opt for patterned top, but in this case you can switch your style. Look for trending patterns such as stripes or plaids as these are always a great option, or you could swap for something more OTT.

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