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Celebrity-Inspired Fashion Sense For Fitness Freaks Who Are Fashion Enthusiasts Too!

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By Alanic

Being a fashionista is not following trend, it is about staying ahead of the crowd, creating own style. But a true fashion devotee also takes the initiative to adopt inspiration from their style icon, which is why global apparel suppliers, manufacturers and designers provide a complete range of fresh styles that is approved by your style diva and that you will love. These wholesale clothing suppliers in USA, Australia and worldwide offer a complete range of clothing from casual to sportswear that are more regular, accessible yet amazing!

Here are world’s four most loved style icons and their fabulous fashion statement that are sporty, casual yet charming and must haves-

Cristiano Ronaldo

In the planet of fashion there is a very thin line between the interesting and the tacky. And world’s most popular athletes Cristiano Ronaldo always in the limelight’s of the paparazzi’s for good reasons sets a distinct mark of this fine line with a great sense of style, attention to detail and fashion. From the shy boy of Sporting CP, passing by Manchester United and ending in Real Madrid, is today one of the biggest style icons in the world.

Best Pick: A white polo neck blue button down t-shirt teamed with a bold brown and cream patterned baseball cap and contemporary teamed with a pair of smooth blue jeans. The subtle and sophisticated wardrobe was accessorized with a classy pair of shades and a brown belt.

David Beckham

David Robert Joseph Beckham the free kick magician English footballer is not only most popular footballer in history, and the richest soccer player in history, but has given more than his finest football strokes. His sense of style has always been in the top list to keep fashionistas inspired for a perfect uptime wardrobe solution. Colorful plaid shirts in green and red, grey and white basic tee, and a lot beanie caps are David Beckham regular choices that look amazingly charming.

Best Pick: He clearly has a preference for a muted color palette that undoubtedly adds an overtly masculine edge, which is most evident when he spotted with his signature leather jacket.

A master at dressing up his slim, dark jeans but what is most attractive is his effortless way of dressing up. A quality leather jacket, best that can be paired with a simple t-shirt and some rugged boots for a look that will stand the test of time.

Beyoncé Knowles

Needless to say, Beyoncé is one of the biggest stars globally and out rightly loved for her sensational fashion sense. Beyoncé reminds us just how varsity jackets had a huge moment a few years ago, and the style which first became popular back in the ’60’s, has never really gone away.

Best Pick: Honestly, it’s definitely not going anywhere after bombshell, Beyoncé herself was just spotted in one. Beyoncé Knowles gave the fashion world greatest surprise with her bright yellow and dark chocolate sleeved varsity jacket, with sheen dark ruby leather leggings in and converse-sneakers in optical white.

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson the drop dead gorgeous American actress, model, and singer has stormed the fashion world with her back to back sensational sartorial outings. Who can forget her emerald green designer creation with deep, plunging V-neckline perfectly flaunting off her assets, while the rest of the dress contoured her body, appropriately sexy.

Best Pick: Scarlett is called the most beautiful women in Hollywood just not for no reason, she has those irresistible curves, which knows to flaunt exceptionally well. While she has posed many clicks with those divine-look gowns here is casual raw work out pick, where she was spotted with muted shades of a lose tank top, well supported sports inside and fitted thigh high shorts. It is always great to see her keep in shape.USA online shopping statistics is showing impressive growth and the graph is going to get a better boost in years to come.

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