Certain Factors to Check Out Before Buying Yoga Bras Online

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Certain Factors to Check Out Before Buying Yoga Bras Online

For a woman a sports bra is a necessity while performing body-contouring yoga stances. Completely different from the regular bras, these offer great comfort and support to the assets, protecting them from tissue damage and breakage of ligaments. From different fabrics to colors and prints- there are options aplenty as you try to find the most suitable ones for your body.

Here are some guidelines laid down for you to help you make the right choices.


Moisture-wicking fabrics

There are different types of fabrics that are used to make these yoga bras. While some synthetic fibres like spandex, nylon and polyester help in soaking up the moisture after an intense yoga session, the compression and microfiber pulls away sweat and releases through evaporation to offer dry and fresh feel to the wearers. These materials are also highly breathable and exhibit stretch ability and durability even after repeated washes. However, the more supportive the bra is the less effective it becomes absorbing the moisture, owing to its sturdy fabric and construction.


It is the elastic band of the bra that provides the majority of support while performing different yoga poses. A well-fitted bra comes with a band which is comfortable and parallel to the ground and wraps snugly around the bottom. But make sure that you have the ones with wider band width which is more supportive than the ones with narrower bands.

Shoulder straps

While you are buying a Yoga Bra¬†online, check out the quality of the shoulder straps. Though the straps can’t do much to offer support to the breasts, they should be perfectly able to hold the cups and provide minimum stretch to reduce movements. Wide straps can distribute the weight evenly than the narrow ones. However, they must not be so tightly fitted that they dig into your shoulders or slip off while bending up, down or sideways during yoga.

Back enclosure

Some sports bras are available in pull over styles where the wearers have to make struggle to pull on and off the thing over your head as you start sweating after a high impact activity. On the contrary, the ones with back enclosure makes for a great choice as you can take them off easily and even adjust the hooks, based on your requirement.


Encapsulation or Compression Bra?

While encapsulation bras come with individual cups to cover and support each breast, compression bras are typically designed in pull-over styles and press the breasts to the chest to curb movement. Though the former, mostly useful for larger cup sizes, can be used during low impact exercises and the latter for medium to low impact activities, it is best to choose the ones with both the qualities for better comfort and support.