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Check Out the Crazy Fashion Fitness Trends

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By Alanic

Last year was a big one for fitness fashion with the athleisure trend making great headways in the industry. Come this year, this trend continues to grow exponentially as experiments in new fabrics and technology seem to be in full swing. The workout clothing of this season is defined as bright and bold and fills up fitness freaks with a new-found enthusiasm and motivation towards working towards their fitness goals. Take a look at some of the activewear styles that are grabbing eyeballs, literally!

High-waisted, Printed Leggings

Leggings featuring quirky, funky abstract prints have been in vogue since last year and are still very popular. But this year, along with the prints, the designers have started rising waistlines for not just a flattering look but also for practical coverage. Some of the high-waist leggings also feature motivational one-liners on the waistband for that extra spunk. Fitness clothing companies are leaving no stone unturned to encourage the youth toward a fit and active lifestyle.

Sports Bras Are Cool, Bralettes Are Cooler

No doubt designers are making some serious progress with sports bras and are making them available in stunning and sexy styles featuring hoodies even for extra comfort and function but one trend that has managed to catch attention are crop tops (AKA bralettes). Fitness enthusiasts don’t seem to be getting enough of these! In addition to the racerback versions, they are also made available in high-neck versions that go perfectly from the fitness studio to the streets paired up with a smart jacket. High-waisted leggings and bralettes look like a match made in heaven.

Shiny and Highlighted Shorts

With the advent of advent shorts, the experience of running will never be the same again. The hi-tech, moisture-wicking fabric and seamless design keep runners cool, dry, and comfortable while also preventing chafing of the skin. To add to the party, designers are heavily using vivacious hues, tones, and bright highlights in designing shorts for men and women. Shiny shorts are also becoming quite popular among those who love to stay stylishly fit. Fashion-infused fitness wholesale clothing is where the money is right now!

Neon is the Shade for the Season

Go big or go home! There are no shortcuts to fitness. Just like the rigorous and taxing workout sessions, neon is a color that is bold and very on-the-face. Fluorescent colors can instantly brighten up gym wardrobes and make health freaks look forward to showing off their hard work at the gym. From tank tops and sweatshirts for both men and women to neon sports bras, this trend seems to be making huge splashes. Even sneakers in such vibrant colors are seen much-admired by all!

Have you stocked up yet with any of the latest on-trend fashion-focused fitness apparel and accessories? If you did not, it’s not too late to get in touch with a prominent fitness wholesale supplier and order in bulk. Join in the madness, don’t be left behind.