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All About the Cut-Out Trend: Some Eye-Catching Looks of The Celebs This Year

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By Alanic

Flavor of the month— it’s the cut-out trend.

The cut-out dresses flaunt one’s body shape, exposing the skin in the most daring manner. Designers of reputed clothing manufacturers skillfully outline the cut-out areas and carve out awe-inspiring apparel. A little bit of skin shows around the waist and the butt area, at the shoulders, on the sides, and closer to the bust and back playfully teases the viewer, leaving more to one’s imagination.

The three types of crazy popular cut-out trends have been ab-window cut-out, boob cut-out, and pelvic cut-out. Celebrities in Tinseltown have been making headlines with them both on and off the red carpet.

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Let’s take a look at the few most trending ‘cut-out looks’ of the year:

Ab-Window Cut-Out Trend

In the ab-window cut-out trend, stars have been stepping out in dresses where the standout cut-outs have been highlighting their core. This particular style is characterized by its singular ab-window and can often be seen in a diamond shape. Recently, at Paris Fashion Week in September, celebrities such as Rosalia and Dove Cameron rocked the style. While Cameron’s halter gown displayed a triangular cut, Rosalia’s black dress featured a sizeable opening highlighting her abs. Nicole Kidman in July went for a black Saint Laurent gown that had a diamond-shaped ab-window to attend the London premiere of ‘Special Ops: Lioness’.

Boob Cut-Out Trend

Next is the super-hot boob cut-out trend. It bares one’s cleavage in the form of an opening around the bust area. Stars like Sydney Sweeney, Chloe Bailey, and Florence Pugh have been witnessed flaunting various kinds of chest cut-outs. For the Wilderness Festival in Oxfordshire, Pugh wore a sheer, neon-green jumpsuit, and the pink bikini peeking out from the boob cut-out of her dress made her look even more sizzling. As for accessories, she went for a feather-trimmed cowboy hat, multiple light-up bracelets, an eye-catching bumbag, and furry-blue oversized glasses. In Ibiza in July 2023, Sweeney holidayed with friends. One of her looks was a brown silk one-shoulder gown that featured a large cleavage-baring cut-out across the bust. At the Culture Creators Innovators and Leaders Awards, Bailey looked simply stunning in a sequined ombre gown that was constructed out of silk chiffon. While she accessorized it with opera-styled gloves, the wide boob cut-out stole the show.

Pelvic Cut-Out Trend

The pelvic cut-out combines the thrill of showing off a bit of skin with a more practical approach. These sexy cut-outs are centered around the regions of the hip bones. And, heroines like Dua Lipa and Kim Kardashian have been going creative with their appearances. On a tour of the Vatican, Kim Kardashian was seen sporting a lacy, sheer dress that displayed cool cut-outs around the pelvis and hips. Not just on gowns but how good the pelvic cut-outs can look on pants was shown by Dua Lipa. In the crisp-white bottoms, the hot cut-out enhanced the singer’s hidden area around her pelvis, flaunting a subtle tan line.

If you have been dying to try out this trend, go ahead as now is the perfect time to copy your favorite style icons. Based on the cut-out type and fabric of the dress, you can wear it at weddings, parties, and even as beachwear!