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Cycling Teamwear – 4 Cycling Gears to Buy

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By Alanic

Cycling is a popular sport these days, and many men and women cycle simply for fun or to improve their fitness. If you have opened up a sporting gear store, it is important for you to purchase cycling gears for your customers. Any cycling enthusiast looks for the following gears from cycling teamwear suppliers in order to ensure the best performance on the tracks.

cycling teamwear wholesaler


Cycling jerseys are constructed of a special kind of fabric which is able to wick moisture easily. This type of material can soak sweat from the body and transfer the moisture to the external surface so that it can get easily evaporated, making the body comfortable during cycling. Most jerseys come with back pockets and front zippers. The back pockets can easily hold all the essential items such as cycle keys, loose changes, mobile phone or headphones. These jerseys are available in varied cuts and fits, and buyers can get one for their specific body type.


A pair of good bike shorts is indispensable for any cycling enthusiast. There are different kinds of color options to be found in the market, although black is the most popular one as it can match jerseys of any type of color. You can get bike shorts in two forms, bibs and regular bike shorts. The first one is more popular, as these are non-elastic shorts, consist of straps and are made of a stretchy combination of Nylon and Lycra. This mix makes movements easier. There is also a special type of padding known as chamois pad which absorbs shocks and can ease pressure points.


Cycling shoes are made of sweat-resistant material, in order to prevent discomforts caused by sweaty feet during long hours of cycling. While biking in shorts, sweat from the legs trickles down the feet and makes them wet within shoes. Naturally, shoes with moisture-wicking ability are more preferable for people who cycle for long hours – especially for competitive training. Look for durable footwear from cycling team wear suppliers which are stylish in design, and are comfortable to wear. Try a few on your own feet in order to ensure the comfort factor.

Eye Wear

Proper eye wear is also important, as cyclists have to deal with high wind while cycling at high speeds. Make sure that the eye wear is from a branded manufacturer, so that there is no reason for complaint. These are special types of eye wear which prevent entry of any air to disturb vision at the time of cycling.