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Expert Advised Summer Workout Apparel Tips

Since summer is here, you must be accustomed with the soaring temperature and sweating. However, do not let the clammy temperatures dampen your enthusiasm to workout diligently. The key is to look for such apparel pieces that are season friendly, yet will allow you to exercise comfortably.

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Given in the blog below are the expert advised tips that will be of great help.

    • Depending on the time of the day, if you notice that the temperature keeps rising whilst your workout routine, then look for lightweight breathable apparel that will keep you comfortable. It is best to opt for fabrics like polypropylene that will wick the moisture away from your body. Such clothing will also prevent you from feeling weighed down and you can exercise worry-free.

    • You must have heard this before that you have to avoid wearing cotton during the summer workout. This is counterproductive and will make you feeling all worked up and heavy. It definitely absorbs the sweat but won’t pull it away making you feel greasy and wet. Definitely not a pleasant feeling for a summer workout routine.

    • Some people tend to wear baggy pants during the summer workout season. But you have to skip it. These will not only make you feel uncomfortable but will get tangled while cycling, jogging, etc. Instead choose capris, slim-fitting long pants and shorts designed with artificially modified fabrics. Also give your general cotton t-shirt a miss and choose for the dri-fit variants as these are a lot more functional.

    • If you are involved with yoga or strength training, then a knee length polyester apparel will be a great apparel choice. These stretchy bottoms will allow a full range of motion and keep your limbs flexible too. The soft seamless material will also help you breathe when it is scorching hot outside.

    • When it comes to the perfect shoes, you should opt for the softer and lighter variants for the summer season. Look for such shoes that has a firmer piece of foam on its inner edge to provide stability and cushioning as to prevent accidents.

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