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The Fashion-Forward Yogi Needs Some Kick-ass Yoga Pants…Stock Up!

Breaking News: Men go to yoga classes to build their strength, endurance and find inner peace! There is a popular misconception that men only join yoga classes because they want to meet beautiful women! But whether you believe it or not, that is not the only reason why men go to yoga classes. Yoga actually helps men to become stronger and more flexible and it also acts as a stress buster.

Oh and men also like doing yoga!!

Now, the other problem is that there is also a popular notion that exists around the world that leggings and yoga pants are only meant for the women. This makes men feel queasy about wearing wholesale yoga pants in the public lest they be made fun of! But then if you wish to get the most out of the yoga classes, you cannot write these pants off!! Why? Because these pants allow you to move freely in all directions without shifting around or ripping and it also offers a good grip for certain poses and postures which would be difficult to achieve in any other kind of sports or fitness clothing. So, men, the world is changing and you would be happy to hear that designers have come up with amazing styles of leggings that look great on guys and even celebrities such as Kanye West is seen strolling around in such leggings and pants.

What to Look for in Yoga Pants?

  • It should be lightweight

  • Made of moisture wicking fabrics

  • Not pure spandex but a blend because spandex can be slippery

  • Elastic waistband with drawstrings

What are the Styles of Leggings Available for Men?

  • Yoga tights that are comfortably tight around the ankles but yet loose around the hips and groins are very popular among health enthusiasts.

  • Another style is where the pants are tailored to sit right on the waist but it is loose near the crotch area and then again tapered near the ankles. These wholesale leggings are super cool and can be even worn to the coffee shop paired up with a cool-looking hooded jacket.

  • Tight-fitting leggings are also quite popular since they hold the legs comfortable and provide amazing freedom of movement. But the trick to wearing these leggings is to wear it with shorts so that it looks ultra-cool while offering the required functionality and comfort.

A lot of men are also seen wearing shorts for yoga classes and although it is not technically wrong to wear these for yoga but it would be far more comfortable to do yoga when there is some clothing providing friction rather than sweaty skin on sweaty skin.

Since the style-conscious yogi needs appropriate clothes to wear to yoga classes, retailers should get in touch with manufacturers and wholesale suppliers to stock up on the latest wholesale men’s clothing to make exercise fun and satisfying and OK yeah makes it easier to pick up women!