A Festive Week’s Guide on How to Be Dressed at Your Best

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A Festive Week’s Guide on How to Be Dressed at Your Best

While the rest of the world is preparing for a stellar week ahead and the calendar for a New Year, it is time for you to update your fashion sense and slay the upcoming week. Why? Because there are too many events lined up and you need to be prepared. If you want all your pictures on Facebook and Instagram to look wonderful, then this is the guide you need. Keep reading and dress accordingly for each of the event days of the week. Stand out in the crowd for your enhanced personal style statement.

A Festive Week’s Guide on How to Be Dressed at Your Best

24th December: Pre Christmas party

This is the day when you warm up for the next day. So dress simply, but effectively enough to win hearts. An off-shoulder black crop teamed with a printed green midi skirt is both refined and elegant. A pair of black pumps will be the ideal pick for footwear and will further add to the overall appearance. Tie your hair into a tight bun and complete the look with a diamond stud, nude eyes, and red lips. Perfect for both day and evening parties, this look will help you stand out even on this lousy evening! (Added advantage- this look works for the midnight congregation as well!)

25th December: The Christmas party

Its Christmas Eve and you have a list of parties to attend. So what works? A full metallic bodycon dress! Go for a basic hue like gold so that you

don’t look brass or out of this world (in a bad way!). A pair of black opaque fishnet leggings and with black pumps sitting at the end will complement the dress very well. Since metallic dresses have a way of standing out all by themselves, curb your accessories and makeup. An evening clutch, smoky eyes, nude lips and open hair, you will be the girl next door who is an embellished stunner. A custom clothing manufacturer has a great collection of metallic dresses displayed in their inventory.

26th December: Post Christmas party

A hangover and killer headache are the most common enemies on the 26th morning. Dressing up won’t be an option, but you still have a family gathering to attend. Thus, keep it simple and casual. A pair of jeans combined with a simple white shirt and a jumper on top is flawlessly effortless (keep the collar and cuff outside to look classy). Knee length boots and a flannel scarf wrapped around the neck will further uphold your simplicity. Skip accessories and makeup altogether to let your natural beauty radiate. Since it is your family members and close friends, you don’t really need to show off.


30th December: Pre New Year Eve party

The mood is happy and lazy. And all you need is a clothing piece that will be graceful and creates a strong fashion statement at the same time. Why not wear a black jumpsuit? To get the temperature high, opt for one that comes with a plunging neckline. Make sure that the jumpsuit fits your silhouette properly and enhances your curves well. If and when it gets too cold outside, throw over a bomber jacket in red to get the red siren vibe on. A pair of pumps and messy hair will further enhance your sass. For makeup, opt for smokey eyes and nude lips.

31st December: Time to bid this year adieu

The last day of the year (which will technically roll into the New Year) should be full of bangs. This doesn’t mean you need to go over the top and look ostentatious. A simple yet sexy red skater dress is enough to get you’re A-game on. Finish the look with a pair of fishnet stockings in black and ankle length booties. A bomber jacket in textured black will become your savior from the freezing night. An evening clutch, stud earrings, and nude makeup will further complete this ensemble that will not only get you compliments but also glances.

So what are you waiting for? Complete the last week of this

year with panache. Wear the best clothes while being yourself!
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