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Fitness and Fashion Is Getting Fused With the Sporty Jogger Pants for Men

The tapered sweatpants , best known as the jogger pants are creating a stir in the global fashion scene, owing to the fusion of comfort and style they offer. According to the industry experts, they are the hottest trends in men’s wear , and being elastic at the feet , they fall just above the ankle. No more are they restricted to the fitness classes or jogging or working out , as they have now found their place in mainstream fashion world, as the fashion forward men are loving to sport them for casual outings and party occasions too. This happens to be the super -chill way to stay away from the body hugging chinos or the rock hard denims, being comfortable and funky instead. This has purely been possible because of the popular athleisure trend which has given a boost to the fitness fashion men trends , and men have made the fitness outfits wearable for any occasion effortlessly.

Obviously , the wrong clothing counterpart or accessory would break the look, hence , you must follow certain ideas and tips.

No khaki please!

Khaki has become outdated when it comes to wearing the jogger pants! Thus it is preferred to slip into the wool , tweed, corduroy jogger pants which are more updated versions and help to carry unique silhouettes , instead of looking drab and monotonous.

Sneakers are must

When it comes to getting ready for any occasion in the jogger pants, make it a point to stick to the sneakers and not to the slip on! The slips on look immature and outdated with the jogger pants , and hence the lace sneakers would actually finish the complete look of yours in joggers!

Get the tucking rules right

Wondering how to wear the button op shirt , or the plaid flannel or the denim chambray with the jogger pant? Make them look a little more cleaned and poised by tucking them into the jogger pants. Leaving the shirts untucked would break the refined finesse of the look, and also won’t go well with the sneakers or the loafers.

Correct t-shirts to fuse with 

When it comes to combining the tees with the jogger pants , of course they reflect the peppiest looks. But you need to team up the plain looking joggers with the striped and printed tees to deliver something different , instead of sticking to the drab and banal attires.

Layer and accessorize more

You need to keep in mind that if you do not layer or accessorize them properly, they will look monotonous and make you feel like the one who spends most of the time working out ! To get rid of this, you need to learn the right way to layer the tee with the joggers with proper clothing pieces,. and accessorize them with the right shoes, sunglasses, and definitely the baseball caps.