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Follow This Style Guide to Look Dashing In T-Shirts This Summer

With the warmer months starting soon, you may be asking yourself how you can sport t-shirts from popular t-shirt manufacturers and still look gorgeous, instead of underdressed or sloppy. It comes down to tiny little details.

Style tip 1.

Focus On The Event

The first law of sporting a t-shirt is knowing when and where it’s apt to do so. The truth is, many occasions you attend, call for the good old suit with a tie, or at least a long-sleeved shirt that has a collar. T-shirts are a choice if and only if the occasion is casual.

Do not try to challenge the dress code and sport a t-shirt to the friend’s wedding or office unless you are particularly required to. It doesn’t matter how great you look or how certain you feel in it. T-shirts have their place and time, just like denim jackets or flip-flops. Always respect the event if you want others to respect you.

Style tip 2.

Be Aware of Your Body Type

Not everyone has a chest like Dyane Johnson or guns like Chris Hemsworth. Those dudes can rock t-shirts. So are meager mortals like us just unable to look great in them?


But you do have to understand your body type to know your chances of looking great in a t-shirt. The callous reality is that it doesn’t complement all body sizes and shapes.

If you are a stout or relatively big dude, you are perhaps aware of the additional weight in your midsection, which trees don’t conceal very well. If you are on the skinny side, a tee may accentuate the leanness of your upper torso and arms. This is why we say that dudes who daily hit the gym have earned their capability to look great in t-shirts.

Rock the Fit

You can evaluate sporting well-fitted tees to baking cookies. It doesn’t matter how good the cookies are. Without the correct amount of sugar, they always end up tasting either too bitter or sweet.

A good tee fit needs two things:

  • It shouldn’t cause uneasiness or limit freedom of movement.
  • It should agree with your body shape.

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