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Funky Meets Functional in Men’s Clothing Beach Shorts

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By Alanic

Summer’s fast approaching and with this our plans for vacations are also getting booked. While most of us are gearing up for short trips to the beach, some are thinking of escaping to the resorts to take dives into the cool water. However, no matter what you are planning to do this season, make sure that you pack enough shorts to cool off in the sweltering spell of sun. Since body-fitting Speedos and trunks do not go with every body type, board shorts are often considered the best choice.

Following are some of the types that you can try out-


Standard board shorts are universally preferred by men of all ages and generations. With the long seam( around 22 inches) they are typically made to fit loose while being secured at the waist. So whether you are going to straddle on the board or sit and relax in the water, these make for great addition to your travel luggage. Retailers can contact their mens wholesale clothing distributors and stock up on these practical swimwear.


Unlike standard shorts, retro ones come with shorter inseams and more so named because of their form-fitting designs rather being a throwback to their earlier styles. Though these are often preferred for a few water sports such as scuba diving and free diving, they may not be a good option for those who are only willing to relax on the beach and take a small dive into the sea, since their body-hugging design can restrict movement and is quite impractical for surfing.


Modern shorts are an optimal choice for contemporary men, combining the best of both the standard and retro types. Featuring slim yet loose fit they can contour well to the flexes of the body and reduce chafing and irritation on the skin. Coming with an inseam, ranging between 18 and 22 inches, they offer slender fit and render absolute comfort and ease while lounging under the sun, though they may appear to be pretty impractical for high-energy water sports.


Are you looking for a pair of shorts that hangs loose till your knees and feels comfortable around the waist? Then set your eyes on baggies as these are not only loose-fitted but also offers comfort and security with their inner mesh layers. Plus, these are designed with elastic enclosures in addition to front drawstring ties to ensure absolute ease to your body, allowing the elasticized waist to yank ff the strong waves from the shorts, while you make several rounds of dives into the water and feel secure enough to spend a casual day at the beach. Despite their numerous advantages, the inner mesh can prove to be really uncomfortable, if you are staying at the sandy shore for long, causing friction on the skin.

Half jam

Be it surfing at the sea or lounging by the pool, half jam board shorts are a must-have in every man’s wardrobe. Possessing partially elasticized waists and inner meshes with a single panel at the rear of the waistband. While the elastic front offers better freedom of movement, the fixed rear part of the waistband adds to the safety and security. However, wearing it for a longer period of time can cause chafing against the skin.

Since these are only some of the few beach shorts, retailers can find more options near their wholesale mens clothing distributors. While board shorts are a universal preference, trunks and Speedos are particularly curated to adorn the toned down bodies. However, when it comes to purchasing board shorts, pay attention to the right quality of their fabrics, cuts and seams while keeping a close eye on a melange of colors like lemon yellow, dark green and aqua blue and prints such as wild and tropical.

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