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Going Non-Mainstream with Your Men’s Custom Clothing

Alanic International Corporation

By Alanic

In the market filled with small clothing businesses, you must go out of the way, run an extra mile, to stand out. And you definitely can’t do that solely with the wholesale of men’s flannel shirts, denim pants and polo t-shirts. Regardless how popular and demanded they are in the consumers’ market they are the cliched types and varieties that nearly every men’s clothing business stock.

Adding new custom collections to your old inventory

Being different with your wholesale is an imperative need of the moment to sustain your clothing business. But when we say purchasing new and unique custom varieties from top mens clothing manufacturers, we don’t necessarily mean throwing away all the old, ‘mainstream’ varieties. Items like men’s flannel shirts, denim pants, hoodies and polo t-shirts, are the evergreen items; they have always been in high demand, and that trend is not to change anytime soon.

Also note, when trying to be different, you don’t have to look for a whole different clothing type. There are many top mens clothing wholesalers who offer easy mass customization option- so you can come up with your own unique varieties. Like, for example, texts tees are very ordinary, custom emoji tees are much unique and cooler.

Items you and your competitors don’t already stock

There are few wears that are not too obvious when you head out to buy your wholesale from wholesale mens clothing distributors. These are the items, chances are, that neither you nor your competitors stock.

Hawaiian Shirts

These shirts have a very cool and casual feel. With various color combinations and attractive patterns they vouch to woo your customers.

Chambray Shirts

It is the quality of these shirts that defines them. Made with fabrics with plain weave, they have a smooth base that offer an optimum level of comfort and breathability.

Jogger pants

The demand of jogger pants has risen dramatically over the last year, in certain parts of the world. And by the looks of it, these pants are to become a global phenomenon. Stock them today before your competitors do.

Parachute pants

An unconventional looking bottom though, these swaggy nylon-made parachute pants promises to delight a large portion of your customers who craves for that unique look.

There are of course few other types and varieties that are non-mainstream at this present moment, like tie dye shirts and corduroy pants.

Fits of standing out

Like mentioned, stocking or even drop shipping mens clothing that are different and unique will help you get an edge in the market by standing out from your competitors. You will attract new customers who have different preferences; your existing customers will appreciate your evident effort to offer them fresh varieties. All this will subsequently help you improve your revenue.