From Gym to Happy Hours in Fitness Clothing? Here Are Some Tips

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From Gym to Happy Hours in Fitness Clothing? Here Are Some Tips

Who said low maintenance outfits like the gym wear are not fashionable? If the models and celeb can do them, so can you, like a pro. Continuing to grow amongst the fashion forward people, athlesiure is definitely enjoying its moment in the world of fashion owing to the fusion of comfort and style they hold. From the casual outings , to work, parties o weekend errands, if you want to be the ultimate trendsetter , you need to give up the limitations and conventional style quotients, and try your hands in getting the athletic inspired attires. Fusing the fitness clothing women’s pieces with something very casual, or classy only reflects how you are in in tune with the latest fashion trends.

So, are you all pumped up to try this renowned fad? Here are some quick tips to embrace it wholeheartedly.

Replace heels, and rock sneakers

Color coordinating the sneakers with any outfit can give the perfect athletic inspired feel. Casual and chic , be it the lace dress, the crop top with denims or the sweater with gym leggings, the sneakers come I different colors and designs and go well with any dress fir a very sporty fashion take. Thus, it is time to take off your heels and flats, and stay comfortably stylish with the sneakers.

Fuse more with fun

The practice of mix and match is very important when it comes to getting the perfect athlesiure ensembles. Pair fiercely different outfits, like legging with button down shirts , skirts with jersey tops, the high waist fitness pants with crop tops, sports bras with kimonos, or sweatshirts with dresses or skirts. All these combinations though are odd, but work great for the unique and trendsetting athlesiure.

Show off your sports bra

The effortless trendy look which is possible in sports bras is completely charming, and you can show them off with confidence. Wear a sports bra for gym in neon with a black tank, or a colorful one with a single colored kimono or leather and denim jacket, the sports bras won with a bikini cover up at the beach; all these are the best ways to flaunt your fitness bra.

The comfy fabric work best

While doing the athleisue trend, make sure to use the comfy fabrics, be it the soft denims or stretchable leather and cottons. The comfier the fabric, easier for you to pull off the look, and also stay fashionably upgraded with the best looks. For better convenience, always go for the synthetic blends, breathable and lightweight.

The sporty bag

If you are wearing something very classy and highly fashionable like a dress or a gown, add some twist with a backpack, sporty tote, or bowlers bag to help you pull off a casual and careless fitness look. Also, when wearing something sporty to a casual occasion, do the opposite by taking a classy bag with yourself.