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Hello Workleisure: A New Trend To Create A Hashtag Moment In 2017!

Okay let us look at it objectively; athleisure has made our lives easy and comfortable. We are in fact thankful for this trend that has been revolutionizing the deepest roots of fashion industry. But if there is one genre that desperately requires the infiltration of fitness clothing is the office wear or more commonly known as the formal outfit. Enthusiasts all over the world are devising ways and methods of incorporating these two seemingly impossible clothing criteria together to give us a more comfortable approach to formal clothing. And doesn’t this make us happy! So get ready for 2017 with the inception of workleisure.

Hello Workleisure: A New Trend To Create A Hashtag Moment In 2017!

Read on and find out more about this next big trend on the becoming.

  • And we present to you style infused comfy t-shirt dresses!

Might seem a bit weird but trust us when we say that this is going to be the next big fashion introduction in the New Year. T-shirt dresses are comfortable and practical even at their primary form. However, we cannot overlook the fact that they are modestly chic and elegant. So team a striped t-shirt dress with fish-net stockings and a pair of ankle length boots to look smart and natural. Wear an overcoat for that formal outlook. Carry an oversized bag and wear extra-large earrings to complete the look. This ensemble will keep you at ease all day long while helping you create a strong style statement at your workplace.

  • Sneakers and trainers? Yes please!

Can you imagine wearing a pair of white trainers under your best tailored suit? Well, yes you read it correct. Match your sharp business suit and blazer combo with a pair of funky sneakers to look distinctive. It will not only keep you comfortable all day long, easing your movement, but will lend you a fun stimulated official appearance. You can tone down the accessories to avoid overdoing your approach.

  • Tracks to meetings: leggings are our best buds

The day is not far when we will proudly walk into the conference room wearing a pair of leggings. And we mean it literally! In fact it can be done with ease. All you need to do is pick a legging in deeper shades, minus the flashy prints and patterns and team it with a smart shirt or a polo t-shirt. Throw over a blazer to look effortlessly elegant. Make sure to opt for pumps to give a more defined look to your silhouette. A modest neck piece and a scarf can help you add class to your appearance.

  • Flash some skin with bra tops

We all know that there is a particular dress code that we are supposed to adhere to when in the office premises. But with these smartly devised bras that look formal, all you ladies can draw a deep breathe. They can be worn under blazers and suit in panache. Choose the same shade for both though if you do not like crossing the line. Make sure to button your blazer when in workplace. You can also team a pair of pumps with the ensemble to boost your sex appeal. A classy handbag and square sunglasses will only complement the aesthetics.

Yes, we all know, now even you can’t wait for the 2017’s. Our eagerness to see the impact of this fitness inspired formal wear trend is really uncontainable. Reputed fitness clothing online brands are designing their products keeping this in mind. So if you want to stand out both in the gym and in the office, then login online and get the best clothes at affordable prices.