Here's How Private Label Clothing Continues To Remain Popular

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Here’s How Private Label Clothing Continues To Remain Popular

The demand for all things private label has been soaring over the past couple of years and the same applies to private label clothing. The near-unanimous, popular opinion among the masses of there being no tangible difference between private and the premium-priced, heavily-advertised, popular brands, is the driving force behind the continued growth of these brands.

Considerable savings without sacrificing much on quality, is the deal breaker for many shoppers who are becoming increasingly more dependent on private label for a major part of their shopping requirements. Clothes are as essential as they can get and when private label is on an average 30% cheaper than the popular brands, it’s hardly a surprise how the masses are reacting and what they are buying.

Here are three of the major reasons why private label clothing is going nowhere in the near and distant future.

It’s the economy stupid

A defining characteristic of all shoppers is that uncompromising quality at a unbeatable price always gets them going. Private label ensures that the best of both worlds for many because they spend next to nothing on market. All the money saved on account of promotions is effectively passed onto the consumer, which explains how and why these products remain around 30% cheaper than the heavily-advertised popular brands. The impetus to save more has seen a considerable shift in consumer preferences and the same is likely to continue given the current state of the economy.

No tangible difference in Quality

It is a near unanimous opinion among the masses that there is little tangible difference between the quality of private label mens clothing brands and the heavily-advertised brands, or the trends and estimates on offer are enough to convince all the cynics. Branding is the differentiating factor and not quality and since not everyone is into buying popular brands just because they have been endorsed by celebrities, the success of private label is no surprise. Since most store brands source their needs from the same manufacturers who produce in significantly larger volumes for the popular brands, it’s no exaggeration to say, that there are very high chances that a pair of private label leggings and a pair of popular label leggings, may have very well been sourced from the same leggings manufacturers.

Fashionably Relevant

For all the cynics who look down on this market and think that the products are of a cheaper quality and usually run-off-the-mill stuff, it may be shocking to hear because the reality is the stark opposite. Since these businesses can order and source in MQQ’s from private label manufacturers clothing , most of them manage to remain abreast with the latest trends in the industry. Most store brands have managed to keep up the trends and the same is substantiated though the volumes of their sales, and the collective, undisputable growth of the private label clothing market, which shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.