wholesale sportswear apparel

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Hottest Range Of Wholesale Sportswear Sure To Wow You!

Alanic International Corporation

By Alanic

The wholesale sportswear apparel manufacturers and distributors are gradually gripping over the market with its wide range of sportswear. It is an added plus that this wide wholesale sports clothing is available online. The updated online sportswear collection comprises variants in the leading sports across the world. Namely American football, Australian football, Athletics, Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Marathons, Cricket, Cycling, Golf, Ice-hockey, Hockey, Rugby, Soccer, Surfing, Tennis are some of them. Let’s talk about what some of these sportswear offer.

wholesale sportswear apparel

American Football

For the American football kind there are kits available in various colour combinations. Featured with padded segments and water proof fabric gives not only comfort but most importantly safety.

Australian Football

This section includes colourful shorts, vests and socks. The socks are specially tailored to give a smooth grip to the feet and give maximum cushion to the most pressed portions.


Athletics brings you a lot of bottoms, jackets, polo tees, vests etc. mostly in bright red and white combo. Its dri-fit technology and interior taping ensures comfort.


This category offers smart looking baseball shirts, jackets and bottoms in mix cotton fabric. It also comes in an amazing deep blue colour option.


When it comes to basketball there are vests and shorts brilliantly crafted to provide maximum freedom to the muscles and ventilation to the body.


The bright coloured boxing shorts are carefully engineered with 3 inches inseam that allows freedom of movement. These are available in different designs.


Marathon brings to you a wide range of colourful printed tees, jackets, hoodies and pullovers. Some manufacturers even give accessories for men and women to complement the garments.


Cricket is now considered one of world’s most popular, glamorous and money making games. It is quite obvious that the cricket collection will be enriched with colourful vests, bottoms and jerseys, tailored to give maximum comfort and on field.


In the field of wholesale sports apparel the cycling category is amazing with bright jerseys, stylish gloves, sunglasses, printed shorts, cycling bibs, jackets and more.


The simple yet stylish golf caps, vests, jackets, polo tees, unique golf logo completes this section.


Surfing has created an enticing collection comprising shorts, women’s swimwear, t-shirts, comfortable shorts, fitted vests, head gears and more to make your sea time fun, adventurous and safe.

Be it the wholesale sports jackets, jerseys, swim wears or cycling essentials, the demand of the line of online wholesale sports apparel is unbeatable.