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How Do You Look Stylish In Casual Sportswear?

For Audio Version: How Do You Look Stylish In Casual Sportswear?

Men and Women, pay attention. While we all agree that wearing compression tights without shorts is acceptable, there is a way to make today’s sportswear seem attractive without looking like a living advertisement for Adidas or Nike.

Since the move of sports clothing wholesale from the gym to the leisure scene, designs have become cleaner, sharper, and more technological. Sportswear isn’t as risky in terms of fashion as it once was, but there are still guidelines to nailing a stylish off-duty look.

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Step one is to sweep away the chip crumbs. Step two is to read our guide to donning casual sportswear.

Keep it athletic at the top

It doesn’t get much simpler than this. You know that jacket you thought was reserved for the slopes? That sweater you only used to go from your bedroom to the bathroom on frigid mornings? The t-shirt stash that’s grown so large that it’s threatening to take over a neighboring drawer? They are all excellent options for the ideal casual sportswear appearance.


This is your time to bring all of that “technical” gear into constant rotation in your closet. Wear it on the street if it seems like you could climb a mountain in it. The bomber jacket, like the sports jacket, is a reliable pick, especially when updated with an unusual color or luxurious material. Look for unusual embellishments like additional zippers, intricate stitching, and sporty ribbed detailing.


Designers are currently obsessed with the upmarket sweater. If you want something Haute and high-end, get one right from the catwalk; if brand exhibitionism isn’t your style, pull something inexpensive from your wardrobe and make it smart. Hood or no hood, practically anything goes – but avoid slovenly, slouchy looks by wearing tailored items. Color blocking creates a basic, clean, and cool aesthetic that works particularly well for sportswear.


Almost everything is acceptable here. Fitted is preferable. Monochrome is trendy. Patterns or interesting visual elements are also acceptable. If the idea is to appear uncomplicated, there isn’t much more uncomplicated than a t-shirt.

Maintain a modest profile

Okay, it does become easier after the first half. You only have two alternatives for your lower half: trousers or shorts. You’ve always wanted to be able to wear sweatpants in public, and the time has finally arrived. Hallelujah. If you’re feeling brave, go beyond the sporty shapes and materials and mix your sportswear on top with something more fitted down below.


Fine, fine sweatpants. We yearned for the day when we wouldn’t have to conceal you from the world’s disapproving gaze. That being said, the ragged old pair you wear to the gym won’t do. Look for thin, silky sweatpants with elasticized cuffs. Simple colors, clean cutting, and a few details work best. Match the color on top for a clean monochrome look. We’ve seen wholesale yoga clothing paired with leather and tailored trousers if you’re feeling brave. It’s a more difficult look to pull off if you’re not strolling down a runway, but if you’re up for a challenge, give it an attempt.


Comfy. Relaxed. Sporty. Young and cool. Those are the words you want to use. Essentially, your shorts should resemble a shortened version of your sweatpants. Follow the same guidelines as before, but with a bit less fabric, and you’ll be OK.

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