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How to Buy Wholesale Clothing: An Ultimate Guide

How to buy wholesale clothing?

You don’t see the same big, over-hyped discounts. The ads only rarely show up on your ‘Gram feed. And, most importantly, you’re spending a lot of money to purchase the bulk.

So, buying wholesale clothing is a whole different game. It has its own dynamics and challenges, with big enough room to commit basic blunders.

Having a fair idea around “how to buy wholesale” is essential to steer clear of these “blunders”.

In this guide, we will address the same question…

How to buy wholesale clothing?

Do we have your attention?



  1. Figure out your need
    Be very detail-oriented
    Ask (and answer) the right questions
  2. How to find a wholesaler?
    Hey Google, can you help?
    Sneaking on the competitors
    Putting in some (hard) work
    Creating the magical list
    Cross-checking like a detective
    Time to pick up the phone
    Make the final call
  3. Quick FAQ
  4. Conclusion

how to buy wholesale items

Figure out your need

One of the biggest mistakes bulk buyers make is not knowing what exactly they are looking for.

Yes, they want good-quality clothing wholesale.

But what type and variety? For which segment?

Unsurprisingly, when you don’t know what you’re looking for, you will inevitably end up buying something wrong. And if your wholesaler doesn’t have a flexible return policy, this “wrong” can end up costing your business a big sum.

Be Very Detail-Oriented

The clearer you are about what kind of clothing wholesale you want, the better.

So, you must consider every little detail to outline a proper bulk requirement, which ideally fits your business goals.

Get detailed and certain about what you want – right FROM the fabric type, weft count, and ends per inch TO the color of the cloth, the type of buttons, and the overall weight.

Ask (And Answer) the Right Questions

One way you’re going to be certain about what kind of wholesale clothing you should stock up is by asking the right questions. Here are some of the questions you should ask and answer before placing the bulk order:

  • Who am I targeting?

  • What’s the age and income of my target audience?

  • What kind of wears is trending in my niche?

  • What kind of profit is there in these types of clothes?

  • Has the demand for this variety gone up lately?

  • What kind of discounts can I offer on this bulk?

  • What kind of style my target group is looking for? (Very helpful when you’re customizing your bulk.)

These are some of the key questions that will help you establish your exact needs and requirements.

how to buy wholesale products

Once you’re certain what you want and what’s best in your business’s interest, time to jump on to the real question: “How to buy wholesale products?” (Or how to buy wholesale clothing to be more precise.)

“Hey Google, Can You Help?”

Unsurprisingly, Google is the first stop in the process.

Google some related queries like “clothing wholesaler” that are more relevant to you. Or “clothing wholesaler *your city/state/country name*”.

Go through the results.

But remember to not confuse the top-ranking sites as the “best”.

It’s not difficult to manipulate search rankings through black-hat practices. Meaning, the not-so-good names can rank higher and the good ones can get lost in the latter pages.

So, go through the results on the first, as well as subsequent pages.

Sneaking on the Competitors

Competitive analysis is a big part of a business growth strategy.

Your close and successful competitors, after all, are the biggest source to learn from.

In our present context, you want to find out who your competitors are purchasing their wholesale from.

Of course, finding out this answer is far from easy. But if you can use your sources and resources, it could be a big ice breaker.

If your top competitor is purchasing its bulk from this wholesaler, this wholesaler ought to be good. You can consider following the suite; you can buy from the same wholesaler.

Putting in Some (Hard) Work

How to buy wholesale for resale?


It’s much more than just Googling a few queries and visiting a couple of websites.

If you’re really serious about scoring high-quality wholesale clothing, you must put in some hard work here.

  • It includes visiting as many relevant websites as you can and browsing through their catalogue.

  • It includes reading countless reviews of individual wholesalers on various rating platforms and forums.

  • It includes consuming numerous articles, descriptions, and webpage content.

  • It includes auditing social media accounts of each wholesaler to read their comments and gauge their market reputation.

All these will take time and efforts. And that’s the true answer to “how to buy wholesale items”.

Creating a Magical List

Once you have the basic information about all the possible clothing wholesalers you discovered online and through different channels, it’s time now to create a list and decrease the number of options.

Of all the wholesalers, who are the ones you like the most?

Whose collection matches your requirement? Whose pricing fits your budget? Who won you over with their commitment towards quality?

Naturally, there would be a few wholesalers who you like more in that crowd.

Pick and put them on your list; 5-6 names are sufficient.

These are your final candidates; they are the best among all. You would likely purchase your wholesale from one of them.

Cross-Checking like a Detective

After you have the list ready, you now need to pick one of them.

This demands some more comparison-based research. So, compare them with each other.

See who has a bigger, better, and affordable collection; who has been in the game for long enough; who specializes in your niche or sub-niche; who has better market credibility; who has an appealing return policy.

Consider these factors in a more detailed way.

Time to Pick up the Phone

There’s only so much information you can pick from the website. When making such a big decision that involves a lot of money and possibly stakes your business’s success, you need more details.

This is where calling each of the clothing wholesalers on your list makes sense.

Find out their contact details from their website and call them.

This has two-fold objectives. One, you ask them questions and gain more information. Two, you see how the wholesalers respond to your questions and interest.

For instance, if their response is unsatisfactory, that’s not a good sign.

Similarly, if the executive on the other side isn’t necessarily cordial and friendly, that’s a bad sign too.

Assumingly and ideally, this is going to be a long-term relationship between you and your wholesaler. So, you want to pick someone who’s friendly and who understands your needs and requirements; someone who you’re comfortable with.

So, in between your conversations with each of the clothing wholesalers from your list, you will get plenty of insights that the static web information failed you at. And these insights will make the answer to “how to buy wholesale clothing” much clearer to you.

Make the Final Call

After all that work, you’re now in a place where you can make an informed decision.

Make it!

Make the final call. Don’t overthink it.

Just pick one clothing wholesaler who seems to be a better fit of all and go with it. Place your order at them.

how to buy clothes in bulk

Quick FAQ

What do you need to buy wholesale?

Other than the basics, you don’t particularly require anything to buy wholesale. You need to have a clear picture as to what you’re looking for; what products (and varieties) you want to bulk. And, of course, you need to have the right and enough budget.

Can a normal person buy wholesale?

Why not? Courtesy of the web, you can reach out to the best manufacturers and purchase from them. Moreover, the manufacturer doesn’t even have to be from your country. They can ship you internationally. So, yes, anyone in the world can now buy wholesale from anywhere in the world.

Where can I buy wholesale items?

Above all, it depends on what wholesale items you want to buy. But in any case, you can buy anything and everything online now. Just follow this guide to find a good manufacturer. Thereon, go through their collection and place your wholesale order.

Here I’m giving below five of my best choice wholesale websites list. It may help you.


How to buy wholesale?

This is how you do!

It might not look too much. But beneath the surface, there’s a lot of efforts needed.

But hopefully, this long post brought you value and that you now know how to buy wholesale clothing.

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