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Mens Clothing Rulebook For Summer 2016

It has been observed by scientists that wearing bright and lively colors actually make you a happier person. However when the rainbow descends upon the shoulders of a average human male, the results can either be outstanding or outrageous and there seems to be no middle path in this color-scheme of things. The good news is 2016 brings with it every opportunity for every man to dance into fall-winter wearing the brightest numbers from their favorite color charts. Here are a few things though, that you could refer to while making your choice…

Wear anything that you can carry

To begin with, please remember that the color burst rule book clearly states that you can wear anything at all as long as you can carry it. If you feel that a pair of baby pink trousers can go perfectly well with light blue flannel shirt, you can actually carry it to wherever you please.

In fact, there are a number of wholesale fitness clothing and casual clothing manufacturers who have been introducing top and bottom wear options for men in the sprightliest shades that have otherwise only been the domain of the fairer gender before. To make things even better, these colors are actually a welcome relief from the regular dull and morose navy blue, grey, shades of black etc.

Color combinations that can make heads turn in a good way

Combining two bright shades is something that the best of painters could also not get entirely right. When you are planning to do the same in your wardrobes, it is best to stick to the rules. The unspoken rule book 2016 mentions that it is best to play safe when combining two bright colors in men’s wardrobe particularly.

Say for example, if you have chosen to wear a flame orange pair of trousers, you could be on the safer side if you team the same with shirts in nude / neutral colors. This applies the other way round as well. White and beige can be your best friends in this respect.

Velvety Or Matt

The brightest of the bright colors are available in a number of different textures of materials. Velvety texture, satin finish and matt presently available with a very large number of motivated and updated wholesale men’s clothing manufacturers.

The question is, which should you choose and why. Autumn being away by months and the sun still ruling the skies, it is best that you opt for matt options particularly because they will be easy on the eyes. Almost any colors, whether warm, cool or neutral are great in matt finish.

Well chosen satin finish options in top wears can be used for a wild night out. It is best to choose cooler colors in these materials, because the warmer ones may end up assaulting people’s vision. Velvet is best left to stage performances and no more.

Prints that will flatter your style

As far as prints are concerned, stripes and checks are still the most favored among men globally. However, an increasing demand is also being felt for subdued floral and paisley.