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Men’s Wear Fashion 2016/2017 Celebrates Diversity

Fashion is transforming at a rapid pace. 18-year old Jaden Smith, the American actor and rapper and the son of Will Smith, has been actively challenging masculinity norms through fashion. He is often seen wearing dresses and skirts for high-end fashion shows and in magazine covers. Ok, maybe you are not yet there to embrace the extreme gender-bending style but just know that the world is changing and there will be a time when it would actually be normal for people to wear whatever – irrespective of style.

But for now, there is a duality that exists in men’s fashion. Menswear in 2016 marries a formal approach towards dressing with a deeply laid-back, casual elegance and a dominant sportswear influence.

Menswear fashion is no longer strictly formal or casual. It is a blend of both the worlds and it is awesome!! There is comfort on one hand and great style and finesse on the other. A bit of sporty look is added as well because guys love sports and those who don’t, still love to wear sports-inspired clothing because of the optimal relaxation that garments exude. Wholesale men’s clothing is entering a brand new phase of style where men are inclined to embrace color and prints, effortlessly.

Let the Colors Pop Out!!

You thought that neon was a girl’s favorite? Think again… guys love pink, orange, green and red as much as they love blue, brown, grey and black! If you are a retail store owner and wondering why your sales are dropping with the change in every fashion season, one of the reasons is probably because you are not keeping your stock up-to-date with the latest style trends. Get colors for men, neutral to vibrant. Stock up on nautical stripes, patterns and all of that jazz. A reputed clothing manufacturer in USA involved in bulk dealings can definitely help you in finding the hottest men’s fashion style at wholesale rates.

Introduce Some Bling…

Runways have paved the way for the guys to wear belted denim jackets with gold buttons and a variety of other studded outerwear. Embroidered shirts are also a new craze to have impressed the guys. Kanye West and other popular rappers can be blamed from this bling-frenzy!

Add Plaid to Your Shirt Collection

A surefire way to win the hearts of your fashion-conscious customers is by adding flannel shirts. These never go out of style, are extremely versatile and can be dressed up and down according to the occasion or event. Contact a known clothing manufacturer in Australia because flannels too seem to be getting a fresh, spunky fashion twist and are being available in such exciting new colors and patterns.

Embracing Jaden Smith’s lofty style ideas might take some time but introducing great colors, floral prints and other such transformative fashion styles surely doesn’t have to take years!! Give your store’s collection the lift that it needs and give your business a competitive advantage. Order for wholesale men’s clothing at bulk prices to keep profit margins high!