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The Mistakes In Running Clothing Committed By Women To Run The Marathon

So, the marathon is a few days away and you are quite excited to be a part of it for the first time. But have you made yourself ready about from being physically fit and healthy? To keep your performance intact, you not only need to be fine health wise, but also make sure of the clothes you would be wearing. Wearing the wrong Running Clothing pieces would only sideline you and cause a hindrance to you at the running track. Let the chafing, back pain or any other hassle do not obstruct you and for this, you need make sure of splurging into the right outfits and accessories before heading for the run.

Though looking good is very important to keep the confidence level high, but make sure you know about how important it is to be comfortable and feel convenient while running the track. Good looks are secondary as comfort and convenience come first.

Thus, to enlighten you something about the type of clothes and accessories you must be using, here is a list of the things to avoid while getting ready to run the marathon.

Lacy underwear

The cheeky , skinny and sexy underwear’s and panties with bows and lacework are definitely good for donning a great fashionable silhouette, but is a mistake when you are running the track.  The thongs rub against the skin and cause chafing, and also the materials sued do not absorb the sweat and moisture easily, causing utter discomfort. Thus, you need to wear the synthetic blend comfortable undies which wick sweat and moisture easily, and do not cause rashes, or infections.

Cotton socks

The wetness caused due to sweating will cause a lot of problems like skin rashes and blisters if you wear the cotton socks. They are not good for running purposes, and you need to replace them with the ones which comes in synthetic and blended fabrics wicking sweat and moisture easily, and also keeping you fresh and dry with any discomfort. These socks are lightweight and breathable giving total freedom of body movement.

Low intensity sport bras

Sport bras are very essential for women while working out or running the marathon. You should splurge into the right ones and avoid getting settled for the low intensity sports bras which do not render full support and coverage. Look for the ones with moisture wicking seamless ones, which allow complete comfort, with soft and smooth finesse. These bras must have the sturdy adjustable straps and soft inner lining with cushiony pads to deliver complete relaxation and convenience while you run. Remember, instead of going for looks; make sure to go for the sport bra which promises to notch up your performance.

Tees with seams

When you have a made a decision to wear tees in terms of the running clothing for women , it is important to check whether they have seems or not. The rubbing of the skin with the protruding seams will cause irritation and degrade your performance. Thus, you need to look for the seamless tees which come without stiches and itchy tags, and promise to offer the best feel and comfort.

Fleece jackets

While choosing the outerwear as a part of running wear, do not bank on the fleece jackets which cause a lot of suffocation, and once you start sweating, they cling on to your body. Thus for cold days, the merino wool layered jackets will do fine.