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Out Of the Box Styles Which Can Be Used For Tennis Team Wear

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By Alanic

Though tennis is a serious game, but you cannot deny the fact that it is also a fashionable one! We have been witnessing style quotients emerging from the court and making headlines in the mainstream fashion world. Since the 20th century, the tennis fashion statement has drastically changed and the norm of wearing trousers and t-shirts has taken a complete backseat. From showing off skin to looking alluring to keep motivation levels high , the women tennis players are getting a knack towards adopting elegant yet sporty style definitions for the tournaments. From Maria Sharapova to the William sisters , the leading players are constantly flaunting new ideas of getting decked up at the court and giving major style inspirations to the amateurs. The leading tennis team wear manufacturing companies too are crafting clothes in tune with the latest trends showcased by the star players .

We will get you covered with the latest fashion trends which can be easily incorporated in tennis clothing today:

Show off skin with mesh

If the players of your team are not comfortable with short skirts, you can still render them some classy style with outfits made of sheer mesh fabric which would tactfully show of skin , and reflect a unique appeal. Use mesh on the tees and bring on a different style stance.

Leathers here and there

Though leather is not a fabric which must be used to craft any activewear clothing piece, but you can use leather in subtle accents on few parts of the attire to add edge and dimension to the looks of the players. Use leather on the sleeve or on the side of the tee for some appeasing effect.

Striking florals to add femininity

Add the ultimate girlie girl effect on the outfits of the players with ritzy-zesty floral accents , which can be matched with neutral colored clothing pieces. Bright popping colors and subdued shades are sure to add instant effect of fun and joy.

Crop it up

If the players are interested to carry a different style appeal at the court, why not use the craze of crop tops in the tennis court ? Get the manufacturer craft them in wide variety , and playfully use them over tank tops for a sporty and smart essence.

Use flattering ruffles to break monotony

Accentuate the assets and add volumes to their physique using colorful ruffles. These tousled textiles can be used near the cleavage or to make a frilly mini skirt for some chic and sophisticated flavour.

Simplicity with single colors

While others are going for bold and vibrant colors and prints, you can ask your chosen tennis team wear wholesaler to produce the bulk outfits in one single neutral shade, with complementing accessories in different shades to bring in the proper degree of contrast. This will embody the stance of simplicity and grace flawlessly, making your team stand out from the rest.

Go back to the retro vibes

You can try out the 70’s and 80’s style highlights of tucking up the shirt into the skirt or using skirts with long hemlines, Also, the body hugging dresses can be used to bring on the classical and vintage flavour , resulting in a dynamic ensemble , and something out of the box from the other teams!

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