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Perfect Ways to Style a Royal Blue Microfiber Tracksuit outside the Gym

Tracksuits has always been the go-to choice for women, especially when the temperature is cold and they want to dress low-key. However, for people who want to stand out from the crowd, there are numerous ways you can style a tracksuit outfit to be the star of the evening.

Since the rich royal blue is synonymous with the cold season, we have listed some of the cool ways you can style these royal blue microfiber tracksuits to look the part. Not necessarily athleisure, but the outfit ideas given below will definitely help you play around with your aesthetic. Meanwhile, retail business owners can contact one of the popular fitness clothing manufacturers and check out the bulk store to make the investment.

  1. Let’s begin with the classic look. You can pull off this outfit without trying too hard. If you think the shorts won’t be able to protect you from the cold, switch them to a pair of black suede leggings. A simple pair of pants with mesh is also great for those days when you want to run quick errands after the workout session.

  2. Nothing can beat the power of a pair of denim pants. It’s time you explore the different shades of blue. Thanks to the modern designs like the mom jeans and the high-waisted variants, you can wear a pair of light wash denim pants with the track jackets to create the perfect chic look.

  3. For those days when the weather is bipolar, a white cropped tank worn under the jacket is perfect for the look. Ripped denim shorts work well with the outfit. Although, keep in mind, if you want to opt for a color block look, stick to black basics. However, white shorts work well too, especially if you plan to hike.

  4. Have you ever tried styling your track jackets with cycling shorts? A lot of women adore the fit and appeal of this compression short. You can perfectly pull off a post-Zumba sesh look with this outfit with the help of a messy bun and smokey eye. Perfectly effortless and cool.

So what are you waiting for? All you need to do is contact one of the popular clothing manufacturers in Atlanta and browse through the large expanse of clothing pieces that the supplier has in store. Look for the MOQ of the products and drop a mail stating the bulk needs to the help team.

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