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Protective American Sports Clothing to Ensure Safety & Prevent Injury

Alanic International Corporation

By Alanic

American football comes under the category of contact sports and involves aggressive body movements that can cause body injury. Though there is much cheer on the field that keeps the players motivated to make the right moves and play with finesse. But no one can ever predict an injury or a rash move by the opponent team. Therefore, the American football wear should be designed and manufactured with complete attention to details. Other than offering correct fit and agility, it should also serve as a protective gear for the player.

Keeping this in mind the manufacturers include the following aspects as a part of the overall American sports clothing.

The tough shoulder pads

Shoulder pads form an integral aspect of the American football jersey. As its name goes, its purpose is to keep the shoulders secure whilst a player is in close contact with his opponent team. When a player is equipped with the right shoulder pads, the he can stay away from painful injuries such as the shoulder strains as well as sudden dislocations.

The robust head gear

Every contact game comes with a hidden danger where the player’s head can be attacked by the opponent. A head injury involves serious life-threat and at times stretch to a point where there is no recovery. Therefore, prevention is better than cure. Head gear such as helmets are crucial for American football to safeguard the player from any injuries occurring from accidents or high speed impact. Suppliers of American football apparels use innovative designs and colour combinations to make these head gear attractive to sport.

Support for thighs, wrist, ankles and knees

American footballers also wear supports that provide extra protection and support to their joints that probably are a bit weak owing to a past injury. These supports stabilize the joints as well keeps the player secure from any further damage. This allows the player to focus on the game.

Strong shin pads

Football is a game where the players’ legs are vulnerable to any sudden movement and attack. The shins are the fulcrum point of action here and hence needs to be protected before plunging into the game. Shin pads work well to avert injuries such as sprains and fractures. It also saves the player from any kind of swelling or bruises due to a sudden hit.

American football shirts and American football shoes also from the part of the overall clothing. Online wholesalers and manufacturers use good quality fabric and raw materials to manufacture them. They are efficient in accepting your bulk orders and supplying them on time.