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Shoes: The Solid Base Of Your First Impression

When you go out to meet new people in any occasion, you will see that most of them will be judging you by what kind of shoes you are wearing. As it is often said and believed that apart from the clothes, a lot depends on your shoes as well to make the conversation click with some in the very first place, else you can kiss good bye to a prime opportunity.

As a retailer, if you want to take your collection of shoes to next level, connect with only the best among the wholesale shoe manufacturers.

Even though you have them in the shoe rack in countless numbers, still you will find yourself making the “beginner’ error”while selecting the right pair. Different types hold different meanings to it.
After you have gone through the list below, you will find yourself to be much more confident the next time, than you were ever before.

Here are some of the all-time favorites.

Your foot-friend or the casual sneakers

Sometimes you need something light on your feet that will provide more comfort than style. The casual sneakers are just the right choice. They are durable, comfy and simple which you can easily pair with leggings, summer dresses, shorts, jeans.

Set the bar high with your choice of heels

If it’s a date night with your boyfriend and you are confused about what to wear, then an attractive pair of heels is just what you need. From stilettos to peep-toes to kitten heels, they are considered to be “women’ sweethearts” with whom the association continues till old age, agreed? They give you that elegant and sophisticated look.

  • Formal pumps

    Select the pumps with not much heel to go with pencil skirt-tops, formal shirt-trousers in your office for an absolute formal look.

  • kitten heels

    Featuring the same look and feel as the stilettos, the only difference is the heel is a bit lower. These make your walk easier and you can wear them in parties, occasions or in any other place of your choice.

  • Cone heels

    Cone heels appear similar to that of stilettos, having a difference in shape and thickness. These ice-cream cone heels are commonly more preferred by women looking for a comfortable walk. Pair them with a bold attire or a cute sundress, you will surely make people approach you.

  • Peep-toe heels

    Like its name, the peep-toe heels are cut out in a way that they are going to put your toes as well as that recently done pedicure with the stylish nail paint on display. Whether you pair them with jeans or a short dress, the choice is absolutely yours!

Summer-spring wedges

Trust the wedge when it comes to summer and spring months. Providing you more comfort and balance, it is the perfect match for your everyday jeans-top.

The everywhere-wear sandals

These flat soled shoes are the classic choice for most women in summer. In today’ generation, gladiator sandals are making a trend. Find absolute comfort by wearing them anywhere you like. While flip flops will go with your swimwear or casuals, mules and slingbacks are chosen for business attires.

Make the ballerina in you come out in the ballet flats

Not only considered as a ‘must-have’, it also finds its place in the show rack of every woman today, of any age group. It is your own personal choice whether you select them for a formal or a casual event with practically anything you like, eitherway they will make others jealous of you.

Go a loafer freak

While people often consider loafers to be just a man’ shoe, it has gained popularity among women as well. You can consider some as just your home-slippers and some you will find to good enough to suit a formal event.

If you are a private label business owner and wondering from where to buy best wholesale clothes or shoes, choose one of the best private label clothing manufacturers North Carolina dealing in attires, accessories and more.

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