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Simple Washing Tips for Your Compression Clothing

Compression clothing does not only help professional athletes cut down on injuries and enhance performance, but are beneficial for those who want to stay fit and enhance their exercises. That is why it is unexceptional to sport wholesale compression clothing daily for the best results.

But do you know how to take care of these pricey compression clothing?

Read along to learn how to keep them longer-lasting and effective.

How should you wash your compression shirt?

Picking a detergent

The fibers of compression clothing are very fine, so using meek detergents can keep the garments in their best condition. A robust detergent such as bleach will damage the fibers and must be avoided. You may find it enticing to wash your unclean compression shirt with more detergent. But in consequence, you need less. You may think about whether you should add a fabric softener to keep your shirt proper. Then again, you must skip it! Fabric softener will result in an imperceptible film that sticks onto the material, making it hard to clean. It will also be a perfect place for the development of bacteria.

Using the washer

You may think: Will these pricey compression garments be ruined after putting them into the washer?

Not really, if you know how to do it correctly. Before beginning the washer, put your compression shirts in a net laundry bag to guard them throughout the wash cycles. The best setting for washing this kind of garment is the gentle cycle along with cold water.

Hand washing

Same as using the washer, use cold water to clean and wash your compression shirts. When drying the clothing, use a dry towel to roll it on, or softly press it for soaking in the extra water. Keep in mind not to wring and stretch your compression shirt.


Given that heat might ruin the fibers in your compression clothing, it is best to air dry them by laying it on a drying rack. You may want to save room by handing your compression clothing for drying. However, the load of the water will stretch your clothing and spoil the original fit and shape.

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