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Star Struck: Recreate Your Airport Style with Short Sleeve Tees

Whether you are traveling on business or going out on a vacation,  t-shirts are undeniably the most sensible and practical staple items that enable women to make suitable shifts in their wardrobe while in transit.  From the gym to the airport or airport to an important event, to learn how to style a basic t-shirt, here are some inspirations from top celebrities in Hollywood.

Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone has been seen sporting a basic style for the airport that she works with her round neck black t-shirt and a pair of white pants with drawstrings to channel the comfort-meets-casual vibe. That she is all ready to enjoy her long flight time with complimentary champagne etched on her cool appearance which she takes a little further with a pair of silver sneakers and classic wayfarers. You can also try out this exclusive fashion statement by pilling on neckpieces and bangles while you maneuver across the lobby with your trolley.

Jessica Alba

Catching an early flight or having to be at the airport after the gym session? No worries. Jessica Alba’s cool and easy-breezy style can completely get you covered. She wears her dark grey tee in short sleeves and tosses off the look with slate grey sweatpants and a dark green jacket thrown over the shoulders as if no one’s watching. But it is her matching cap, white embellished sneakers, and a navy blue sling bag that leaves the paparazzi gaping at her stunning gait.  However, you can also buy fitness clothing and tees that can help you do a stylish transition between the gym and the airport. Her wardrobe has a splendid variety of t-shirts in different colors like red, black, white, and monochrome stripes that she often dresses up with white jeans, white lace-up sneakers, and a straw hat.

Rita Ora

White shorts sleeve tees are the most feasible option that can literally take you everywhere from the red carpet to the airport and we have found proof in pop singer, Rita Ora’s airport style when she wears her v-neck white t-shirt with a pair of faded jeans that ensures her a comfortable air journey, scrunching up in her seat. To heighten the look she gets herself readied in white sneakers, a black leather cap, and white-rimmed black classes. To try out this classic and comfy look, you can also buy ladies short sleeve shirts online in a monochrome base or stripes.

Rosie Huntington Whiteley

Are you looking for something very basic yet oh-so-chic to hit the airport? Then take some cues from Rosie Huntington Whiteley who has recently been spotted in a minimalist pair of track pants with stripes of white, yellow, and orange on either side that she teams up with a simple t-shirt and black blazer. You can also sport your gym t-shirt with loose pants and keep the look as low-key as possible while feeling oodles of comfort in the high-quality fabrics. So visit an e-store and get t-shirts in pop hues of green, yellow and red or buy fitness clothing online to work your fitness tee with track pants and sum up a snug-meet-casual chic look.