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Strength Training For Beginners

If you are trying to lose weight, cardio exercises are probably your favorite thing in the world right now. Although these workouts are highly important in the fitness world, you should not neglect strength training. By combining these types of exercises you will get your dream body but you will also be able to easily maintain your new weight, burn calories faster, avoid injuries, improve your muscular endurance and stay healthy and strong. If running or cycling for miles and miles on a daily basis is all you have ever done so far, you are probably wondering how to even get started with strength training. Not to worry, it is not that difficult. With these tips, you will be ready to jump into your new fitness routine and become a better version of yourself.

You Don’t Have To Buy All The Equipment Right Away

When someone mentions strength training, all those heavy machines and massive weights probably come to your mind, but you don’t need to spend all of your money on those. For starters, exercise with your own body weight. Exercises such as squats, planks, and push-ups can be highly efficient and help you get the body you want. You can also use tools like dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, or resistance bands to work those muscles. If you have never used this type of equipment before and you need additional information, you can find more.

Two Days Rule

A lot of people believe that they will achieve faster results if they suddenly include strength training in their everyday workout routine. Instead of making this common mistake and completely shocking your body, begin with two days of strength workouts a week, and work your way up. Ideally, you should complete these exercises three to five days per week. Of course, cardio should also stay a part of your routine.

Warm-Up Those Muscles

In order to avoid injuries or sore muscles, make sure you properly warm up before your workout. You can try foam rolling, gentle side lunges, light stretching, or running in one place. This way you will be able to push harder during your workout.

Complete A Full-Body Workout

You have probably heard someone using the term leg-day or arm-day, but when you have just started including strength training into your regime, you should stick to a full-body workout. Therefore, combining an upper-body exercise with a lower-body exercise. For example, you can do squats and push-ups, or walking lunges with bench rows.

Do Not Mix Things Up

Sticking to the same old routine day after day might seem boring, but while you are still trying to get comfortable with strength training perform the same basic moves two to three times a week. This way you still achieve great results while not making things too complicated.

Don’t Forget To Cool-Down

Just as you should warm up before every exercise, you should take time to cool down after your workout. Make sure to stretch your muscles while they are still warm and you will improve your flexibility, and calm your nervous system.

Fuel Your Body

After a hard workout, you need to rehydrate your body so drink lots of water. You can also refuel your body with a healthy snack that contains carbs and proteins, but make sure that it isn’t more than 200 calories.

Take A Break When You Need To

You might be impatient to see the results of your new workout routine, but by exercising every day you won’t give your body the chance to recover. It is okay to feel sore and it is okay to take a break every couple of days, so listen to your body and it will tell you when it is time to take a day off.

With these simple tips, you will easily incorporate strength training into your workout regime and become a fitness freak in no time.