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Sublimated Clothing And Its Connection With The Sports Field!

Alanic International Corporation

By Alanic

For any team sports like football, soccer or ice hockey, the unity among the team members is vital for their success or failure. When the teams are out on the field, each individual player unites to play as one. The jerseys or team attires plays a pivotal role in building the brand image and in maintaining the team spirit and unity. The right sports gear, like sublimated clothing, goes a long way in cementing the bond and binding all the members of a particular team in one thread.

Why is Sublimation Apt for Sportswear?

Sublimation is the process of printing on fabric by fusing the inks that produces unmatched quality and the most durable printing option compared to screen printing or ink jet. This process gives the fabric a softer touch and the color remains intact in outdoor lighting and after extensive washing. Sports activities mostly require the players to be out on the field, hence, sublimation ice hockey shirts or other sports jerseys are the ideal process for sportswear.

Advantages of Sublimated Tees and Other Sportswear

  • Sublimation printing shirts do not fade or crack
  • Access to unlimited designs, ranging from single shapes and colors to blends, photographic images and shadows
  • It eliminates the need of having¬† hot sweaty plastic number at the back because numbering can be done while printing
  • The design can include the names, numbers, logo and sponsors in full color
  • Purchasing team attires from sublimation clothing manufacturers in wholesale is cheaper

Creates Awareness Among Supporters

A sports team is known by the color of jersey it wears. The unique colors and design helps them to stand out among the crowd and makes them known among their fans and supporters who come to cheer for them. Premium quality and attractive design will help the team to create an image for themselves and attract the attention of the sponsors and the on-lookers.Sublimation printed shirts are also available for the supporters so that they can feel like they are part of the team.

Running Low on Budget?

The wholesale manufacturers and suppliers of sports clothing offers prompt and reliable services to all their customers, even the clubs at the grass root level. They have ready-made designs from which you can choose from or you can also create your own distinctive designs for your sports club. Stay within your budget by placing your order in bulk. Call the leading manufacturers and wholesaler to ask for a quote so that you can get the best deal.