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Sublimation Clothing is Scaling High in The Popularity Chart
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Sublimation Clothing is Scaling High in The Popularity Chart

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By Alanic

The fashion industry has grown manifold over the past few decades. Be it the popularity of any brand, the popularity of the product or the use of technology, all the factors are responsible for the attractiveness of this product. Talking about technology, the way a person dresses or what he wears in his day to day life matters a lot as comfort remains a strong factor and directly affects the performance at work. To overcome the issue of dull clothes and add a hint of style in daily clothing, sublimated clothing have been introduced that allows proper circulation of the air that not only helps ventilation but also keeps you cool. Now sublimated clothing has not just been limited to a handful of people and is now widely available for a common to purchase and enjoy its comfort.

Just to quickly explain it, Sublimation t shirt printing is a printing process by using sublimation inks tat are heat sensitive in order to dye the synthetic fabrics permanently. A special heat sensitive dye is used to print the chosen design on the paper. This paper is placed on to the synthetic fabric using heat press for a certain period of time. In a nutshell, the design is printed directly on the fabric and is normally done at high temperatures and usually on synthetic fabrics. Sports that use sublimated dress are Cricket, Cycling, Touch, Netball, Lacrosse, Hockey, Soccer and Rugby among others.

There are no limitations as far as colors, styles or print is concerned. Most of the major fashion and sports brands have introduced sublimated tees to offer wide range of choice to the customers. Majority of people who follow the latest fashion or sports trends are youth and to woo the target market, many suppliers have introduces sublimation printing on tshirt. There are a number of sublimation printing companies that are leaving no tone unturned to launch a vast variety of printed sublimation t-shirt. These prints of graphics usually consist of logos of popular sports club, pictures of a renowned personality or a photo popular sporting team.

As far as the colors are concerned, every individual have their own choice but then again one of the well-liked color is black color. The sublimation black t shirts look good because it does not fade easily, does not get dirty and the dark color of the t shirt accentuates the print or graphics on it.

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