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Take An Oath To Be Fit and Healthy On This Yoga International Day

When it comes to having an amazing dovetail of fit body and mind, Yoga is probably the only thing which can help you with this aspiration. 21st June of every year being celebrated as Yoga International Day, is not just a mere date, but it is way to make people highly aware of the awe-inspiring benefits of making yoga a daily practice, and indulging into living a better life. Just few minutes from your daily schedule can transform your life, and whether you are pursuing good health or mental peace and tranquillity, yoga helps to attain both.

With the increasing concern among women to get the most toned and chiselled figure, going to the yoga classes and sweating out has also become one of the quintessential requisites. But then, we all need a mental preparation to get up in the morning, and dressing up for the yoga hours, right? This is probably one of the reasons, why we feel laid back and lazy to hit the these yoga sessions . Motivation is something which pushes us forward to achieve things , and without that , nothing seems to be complete.

So, are you prepared to get-set ready to see yourself have the best body and positive mind in only few days?

Right attitude

To accomplish anything, one must have the right attitude and conviction, which would make you go ahead and achieve the best results. Yoga needs a lot of mental preparation , and before being physically fit, you should be mentally positive and confident to befriend the yoga postures and meditative sessions.

A perfect plan

Instead of having a half-hearted commitment, make sure to have the right mentality to implement the plan of implementing yoga into your daily life . Without anything definite, you would end up beating around the bush and achieve nothing at the end of the day.

A soothing playlist

Yoga might seem to be monotonous when you start the sessions as a beginner , and this can be eliminated with the help of music’s incredible power to lift you up mentally and physically. By keeping your phone or i-pod loaded with soothing and melodious songs , you can get motivated and energised to continue with the yoga postures and get better peace of mind.

The amazing yoga clothes

Blistering , chaffing, uncomfortable sweaty clothes can degrade your performance level, and hence to stop this you must bank on the right yoga clothes. Also, fashion and style is a great motivator and the best looks and silhouettes will help you feel confident and inspired to engage into yoga more, so that you can wrap new style definitions every time you step out somewhere.

The leading manufacturers and designers are introducing wide array of newfangled clothes especially crafted for the yoga hours. The retail stores are getting spruced up with these jaw-dropping outfits , and hence the ladies who are looking forward to join the yoga classes are getting ample options to deck themselves up in fresh new style quotients.

We will get you covered with few tips to get the right style and attire while working out :

The right undergarments

Make sure you are cinching on the proper undergarments , especially the sports bras. They should be made of synthetic material, so that you can feel moisture free and render you the best support with high quality cups and padding. Be it the smart fit printed sports bra , or the soft black yoga sports bras, these can be worn like crop tops teamed with leggings and shorts for the best silhouettes.

A fusion of fashion and functionality

Doesn’t matter whether you are wearing the combination of black and orange yoga bra and shorts , or the trendy black two piece body suit , navy blue and pink yoga set the outfits must be of amazing line and length to render the perfect fit and silhouette. Also, check out for zesty colors and designs, or prints with sleek cuts to flaunt your assets. The outfits must be functional enough to resist sweat , and offer the best comfort and support at the yoga classes, keeping you out of the worldly worries.

Thus, wait no more, and make this Yoga International Day the beginning of your association with yoga , and look forward to having a healthy and happy life ahead.