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The History of the Original Swiss Army Blanket

Unless you’re an avid outdoorsman, you might not be too familiar with the Swiss army blanket. Being 100% Swiss-made, the quality and versatility of this item has many in agreement that one should be in every home.

Swiss army blankets have a variety of different functions. They can be used as car seat covers, picnic blankets or even bags. The quality of the wool is such that they can even be used as blackout curtains. These blankets are durable and have the ability to fold into many convenient shapes for easy storage.

Swiss army blankets are primarily made from wool, yet are so lightweight and foldable that they can be folded into convenient tote bags. There are even how-to videos for accordion-type tote bags featuring the Swiss military blanket online. Rather than just packing it up to take along on a picnic, you can pack your picnic into it.

Swiss army blankets are very affordable despite being an item that will never need replacing. Unsurprisingly, this is not something one can easily find in department stores, but there are places where you can find them online. The price of an authentic Swiss military blanket can vary depending on its size and the authenticity of its leather straps, but it is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase.

Different From the Rest

When many people think of Switzerland, they think of exquisitely crafted timepieces, the ever-popular Swiss army knife, and delicious chocolates. The Swiss are known around the world for their craftsmanship and quality. The Swiss army blanket is yet another example of Swiss precision and ingenuity.

The original Swiss army blankets were available in only one size. It was a Swiss staple for active military personnel and retired veterans alike. Whether for keeping warm in the trenches on cool nights, or as an extra layer of comfort under the sheets, this blanket was the perfect solution.

The original Swiss army blankets were 75% wool and 25% other fibers, with the wool sourced specifically from sheep in the Swiss Alps. The modern fabric composition still maintains the original specifications of 75% Swiss sheep’s wool, which is why even modern Swiss army blankets are soft, durable, and perfect for use in all seasons.

How it All Began

The Original Swiss army blanket was used by the Swiss military from the late 1800s until the beginning of the ’60s. They became well known internationally after World War I. The original was made specifically for soldiers to carry with them on long trips or missions. They were designed to be lightweight and compact enough for soldiers to take with them wherever they went, and durable enough to hold up under harsh conditions. These blankets kept them warm and comfortable no matter the situation.

Some report that because the manufacture of the original Swiss army blankets prioritized efficiency and durability, they had a tendency to be itchy. It wasn’t because of its materials, but because of the way they were folded and stitched together. It was a process more focused on practicality and efficiency than softness. The blanket was only designed for one task: keep the Swiss military warm at night. It was not designed to be used as a civilian blanket.

The Swiss army blankets available today are mostly facsimiles of the original Swiss military blanket design. There are many modern-day reproductions of the original design because of the design’s popularity. The Swiss army blanket has never been patented, so some manufacturers have made some slight changes to the other fibers that are used and its design over the years in order to make it more appealing and versatile.

From the Barracks to Homes

Swiss military service is mandatory for all men, so it’s no surprise that Swiss army blankets have quickly become popular among outdoorsmen. This is a blanket for just about anything one might like to do in the great outdoors: camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, cycling, backpacking — it can even work as a sand-resistant beach towel.

Swiss military blankets come with two independent and adjustable leather straps, which are very convenient for attaching it onto the top or bottom of any backpack, as well as for no-clutter storage at home. This survival tool is made of durable rip-stop material that’s water-resistant and wind-resistant. It’s designed to reflect your own body heat, so it’s like having an extra layer of warmth that you can wrap yourself up in just about anywhere at any time.

Many survival experts agree that this is one of the most versatile pieces of gear out there, and would recommend it to anyone who spends time outdoors regularly; any sportsman, camper, hiker or explorer would be remiss not to consider getting one of these.

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