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The Imperishable Athleisure Trend Rocked By Gigi Hadid In Trendy Fitness Clothing

Alanic International Corporation

By Alanic

While doing the catwalk or the off-runway presence, Gigi Hadid has been inspiring us the most in recent times with her exemplary fashion statements. Flaunting her sex appeal in comfy and cool sportswear has been the most impeccable style definition of her, setting a new trend in the global fashion scene. She manages to look perfect and classy in simple and plain gym outfits for casual strolls, parties, and public events, with the “Too glam to give a damn ” approach. Turning her everyday exercise gear into chic ensembles, she has been proving that the athleisure trend is something that is going to eternally stay amongst the fashion-forward crowd.

The leading online fitness clothing sites have been offering couture and a stunning array of light and breathable outfits for women who want to try out the athleisure trend with confidence.

Hence, for your convenience, we have got you covered with the sassiest and classy looks of Gigi carrying the gym clothing with poise:

Add color pop and balance to your drab outfit

Gigi was seen pulling off a black sports bra with a slouchy bomber jacket, teamed up with black and orange tights, with the orange color adding the much-needed color pop to her silhouette. Also, the sluggish jacket and the tight-fitted bottom wear add a balance to her ensemble.

Choose tops with quirk

Gigi doesn’t wear sweatshirts that are plain with a monotonous color quotient. Rather she sported a grey sweatshirt with funny sayings on the front teamed with a mauve tight. The quirky quotes can add liveliness to your attire. Thus, when you buy fitness clothing online, go for charming tops and sweatshirts for more appeal.

Wear leggings like pants

Gigi breaks the belief that leggings cant be worn as pants, and this way, she teams up a crop top with high-waisted leggings and looked smart enough to hit any event with an appealing style stance.

Add leather to your gym attire

Throw your sleek and crisp sports bra with glossy leather leggings and team up a tailored coat with a fur neck tie to complete your look. Gigi did this outfit, with a purple sports bra and round goggles looking impeccably sexy!

Add layering to your slouchy activewear combo

She came out of the gym wearing a loose-fitted tee with track pants and added a textured overcoat to strut with style somewhere directly from the workout session. Whenever you need to go somewhere directly from the gym, use stylish layering to cover your sluggish outfits beneath.

Add sheer outfits to complete gym pieces

To add a sexy element to your athleisure pieces, Gigi Hadid gave the perfect inspiration to do a sheer tank top over a sports bra, teamed with the quintessential yoga tights. Hence, sheer tops can add buoyancy to your plain outfits with elegance!

Let small details add volume

Gigi stresses adding small details to the simple and plain workout clothes, and hence was seen wearing a mesh jacket with gym outfits, adding verve and flair to her persona.

Add twists to your black leggings

Adding a twist to the black leggings was perfected by Gigi when she wore a black sports bra with black leggings adorned with a golden zipper around the pockets.