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The Most Comfortable Women’s Shorts

Are you looking for comfortable women’s shorts that you can wear to the gym or for casual activities? Then we’ve got you covered.

Here are some of the most comfortable shorts from some of the best sports brands.

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Nike Women’s Dry Tempo Running Shorts

This pair of shorts from Nike is a classic. But it still looks good. The main reason why it’s still popular though is because it’s one of the most comfortable shorts that you can buy. It’s made from a dry-fit material that will keep you dry no matter how hard you exercise.

And it’s flattering too. It has a relaxed fit but it doesn’t look too loose or baggy. And because you’ll look good in it, you’ll be encouraged to exercise more. Some find the shorts a bit too short. But if you have it then why not flaunt it, right? It is designed for running but who’s stopping you from using it for other activities?

Rogue WOD Gear Clothing Wide Band Booty Shorts

If you don’t mind getting plenty of attention in the gym then maybe you can pull off wearing this pair of shorts from Rogue. They are form-fitting and will surely accentuate your curves. Admittedly, it’s not for everyone but if you have the confidence and the right attitude then these shorts will boost your self-esteem even more.

Squats, deadlifts, lunges, you can do all of these movements in these shorts and more with ease. One of the best things about these shorts is that they won’t ride up even when you bend. This means your undies will remain hidden even when your workout gets intense. And because they are fitted, they won’t get in the way of the barbell.

Under Armour Women’s Fly By Running Shorts

These shorts from Under Armours are so comfortable that for sure you’ll get more than one pair. Nobody can blame you if you decide to wear these every day, even on days when you’re not working out. This pair is so light and the fit is just right – not too loose and not too tight. And they are not too short too so you can use this pair as a casual short that you can wear on those daily errands.

They even have three pockets – two on the front and a hidden one on the back – to store all of your essentials when you go out for a run or jog. The sweat-wicking feature will make sure that you stay dry even when the weather is hot.

ASICS Women’s Low Cut Volleyball Shorts

Have you watched a women’s volleyball match before? The players look very cute with their sexy shorts, right? Now you can look like a volleyball player even if you don’t play volleyball with this pair from ASICS. These form-fitting shorts will definitely draw attention to your booty so they are not for shy girls who would rather remain unnoticed. And yes, they are short! But if you don’t mind the attention then go ahead and grab a pair.