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The Significance Of The Clothing Tag Labels Explained

Not an expensive or over-the-top marketing strategy, but there is an easy way to stand out among the crowd. Going for unique tag labels from one of the best bulk clothing manufacturers can make your apparel truly different from many. This simple technique comes with great benefits. Other than helping your clothing items remain innovative, they make sure you are following the important regulations and offering as much value to your customers as possible.

Are you confused or curious as to why an inside tag label is so important? For a detailed explanation of what a tag label can do for your brand, make sure you are attentive till the end.

Offers Valuable Information About Clothing To The Customers

They can look small but they offer plenty of vital information about a clothing piece to your customers. Other than including the country of origin and fiber content on them, you should also include the washing information and the garment size.

  • Washing instructions

It’s important to include the washing instructions on the clothing label so that your customers know how to clean a particular item. To save space, these days, many brands use just symbols, but writing instructions will get you more loyalty from your valued customers. These instructions may include ‘’wash with like colors, temperature setting, wash separately, use only non-chlorine bleach when required, don’t bleach, don’t iron, only tumble dry, clothes washer safe, dry clean only’’, etc. You can also think of other special washing instructions, depending on the item’s fabric.

  • Clothing sizing

It’s important to include the size of the garment, otherwise, the customers won’t be able to know whether it fits them or not. Apparel sizing usually follows the industry guidelines for the country of origin. However, different countries use different size standards. Because of this reason, many clothing businesses include size comparisons for other countries. If you are selling clothing in the US, then most adult clothing sizing should be from XS to XXXL.

Helps To Brand Your Business

To promote your brand with every piece of clothing you sell, the tag label is an easy and perfect way. For this, make sure you have three things on every tag label— the logo, the tagline, and the brand name.

  • Tagline

A tagline in simple words refers to your company’s motto. Go for a catchy phrase that customers can immediately identify as yours. It should always be included beneath the brand name.

  • Brand name

The brand name means your company’s name. If your garment business has certain different brand lines then consider including the individual line’s name as well. For instance, suppose the name of your brand is Innovation, and you have several brand lines. The items for which you are currently designing the tag label belong to a line called Premium. So, instead of just writing Innovation on the tag, write, Innovation: Premium.

  • Logo

The small or little symbol that basically represents your company is a logo. While some prefer placing it directly beneath the tagline of the company, others place the logo at the very bottom, beneath all the important information.

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