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Things You Ought To Know About Rugby League Clothing

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By Alanic

Rugby is an outdoor sport which in its modern version is getting more and more aggressive with players bigger and faster than they ever were. Such a high adrenaline sport requires the sports person to wear rugby league uniforms accordingly. Obviously they wear the protective accessories but even rugby league clothing has to be worn thoughtfully. Since its a high contact sport where players are involved in tackling, you couldn’t possibly be wearing loose fitted garments. So let’s see how and why the manufacturers of rugby league shirts have adapted their clothes to suit the sport in terms of both style and comfort.

Things You Ought To Know About Rugby League Clothing

Which fabric is preferred and why?

Rugby league uniforms were traditionally made out of cotton but as synthetic fibers became cheaper, these became more widely used as well. Nowadays, the two most common materials to be used are a mix of cotton and polyester or pure polyester. The blended fabric is mostly used for the non playing supporters while the players clothes are made of polyester. There mainly two reasons for preferring polyester in a game. Firstly, its harder to get hold of in a tackle situation, as it is inherently more slippery than cotton or cotton blend. Moreover, the rampant use of skin tight shirts further enhances this effect, as there is no loose material for a tackler to get grip on. Secondly, synthetic fiber absorbs less mud and water. Usually, rugby is played in winter and autumn where there can be light pour as well. If you are wearing cotton fabric in these conditions, cotton will absorb moisture and make it heavy. This will cause discomfort while playing.

Rugby league t shirts

These shirts usually have short sleeves and buttoned opening at the top, very similar to the polo shirts. Modern rugby shirts usually have a small collar so as to give less room for a potential tackler to latch onto, although it is illegal. The buttons too are made of rubber and not plastic so that it does not wear off during the play.

Rugby shirts

These too are well fitted with soft elastic waistband that ensures the shorts fit snugly on your waist. Then there are drawstrings for further adjustments.

Logo and labels of sponsorship are common and can feature in both shirts and shorts depending on the decision of team management.