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Top Five T-shirts from the Global Designers to the Urbane Fashion Devotees

Alanic International Corporation

By Alanic

T-shirts are the most dear wardrobe essentials we cannot do without, and considering the soaring  demand, designers keep introducing new varieties every season.  So, here is the latest  assortment of trendy t-shirts collection where you also have the chance to Design Your Own T-Shirt.

new designing tees

Abstract graphic tees

Abstract graphic tees are one of the hottest style of shirts that find place in both men’s and women’s wardrobe. The amazing abstract prints are creative, having futuristic aesthetics and modern emphasis.  You will love the transcendence abstract graphic tees, the stroke of brush  bight hued fox print and the bizarre algebraic shapes printed on the trunk of the t-shirts.  Dotted and crazy circles  abstract graphics and the colorful bear in geometric shapes are some of the best selling pieces.  From tattoo art to humorous and inspiring quotes, t-shirt aficionados have limitless varieties to choose from.

Custom graphic tees

Custom graphic tees is the next generation masterpieces that is dedicated to the fashion conscious who want to bring forth their individuality showing their creative side. A feeling of nostalgia, a revolution, a thought of inspiration, a notion of well being or simply the humorous element, whatever your mind speaks, chest-it-up!  The cool custom t-shirts wholesale collection can be availed in bulk from the global manufacturers and suppliers ruling online. Reminiscing your high school batch, or forming a club with friends, these custom graphic tees are the best means to get your themes printed. If you love animals, the designing team will ink your t-shirt with long lasting graphic prints on the endurable t-shirt and if you are looking for cute princess graphic prints the custom t-shirt providers has it as well.

Sublimated t-shirt

Sublimated t-shirts are one of the latest dye-ink made shirts that are super snazzy and  quirky pieces. The sublimated printed shirts are whole new range of technological trend that gives t-shirt ideal fabric and terrific designs. These designs are not about any single concept and mostly comes in merged prints. The popular galaxy prints, cosmic layouts frames the sublimated t-shirts. For instance your favorite superhero will be enhanced with an abstract sublimated frame. These sublimation shirts come are extremely bright and bold and come in different range from artistic prints, photographic prints, illustration and tech prints to jersey prints and more.

Marathon t-shirt

High impact marathon t-shirts are made in stunning varieties, different shapes and sizes and also in customized option.  Contemporary marathon t shirts are designed in graphic prints, smart quotes but what sets them aside and make them wardrobe must-haves are its brilliant fabric and enhanced featuring. Soft and lightweight these tee shirts are equipped with anti-microbial and moisture wicking properties. Protects body from chafing and prevents any muscle cramps also advancing breathability with greater room for ventilation.

Dance tees

An art form that instills and infuses life to any dead stone with its vibe is dance. And the purely passionate performers deserve right pieces  to groove into the loud acoustics. Here comes the significance of  dance t-shirts and tops that  perfectly fit in the mood, in fact sets the mood. Designers have dedicated in manufacturing dance tees dancewear that come in as many variations as dance, honestly much more than that. Customization and creativity multiplies the assortment.

So, all you t-shirt lovers need to check your  wardrobe today and find sufficient place for the fresh and fabulous masterpieces.