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Top Styles of Jackets to Stock up on This Winter

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By Alanic

Whether you like it or not, winter is settling in. if you are a retail store owner, this would be a time when you should start thinking about how best to amp up your product inventory to woo the fashion-forward men. Let this winter be all about style, comfort and simplicity. Here is a list of some of the most popular winter jackets that the contemporary gents would love to rug themselves into to stay protected against the chilly winds.

Wholesale jackets

Duffle Coats

When one has to look their best at work, a duffle coat will save the day. This is the warmest of all formal coats, and the hood and toggles lends it a nice modern look while maintaining the classic feel of an overcoat. The fact that it can be worn everywhere and at all occasions makes it a good investment.

Puffer Jacket or Insulated Down Jacket

The insulated down jacket is also known as the puffer jacket and looks absolutely stunning. This type of wholesale jackets USA is extremely warm and can really enhance one’s style quotient. It can be paired up with any casual wear and is perfect from coffee to impressing a hot date.

Leather Jacket

Leather jacket is a timeless style that will probably never die down. There are so many variations of leather jacket that it is impossible for someone to not find one’s own unique sense of style. Keep wide assortments of wholesale jackets UK including lighter versions for warmer weather and heavier jackets with fur. No man can imagine a winter wardrobe without at least one of the leather jacket variations!

Bomber Jacket

This is another great casual style. It can be made of leather or other fabrics as well. They are great for in-between seasons and are available in a wide range of styles and colors. Expand your product inventory by keeping one sample from each of the style and to save money, get in touch with renowned suppliers to buy in bulk.

There are a lot of different winter jackets available in the market today. Older styles are coming back with a bang due to advances in manufacturing techniques and evolution of fashion. Retailers and business owners need to locate leading and reliable jackets distributors USA offering an extensive selection of jacket options in order to satiate their bulk requirements. Buying wholesale will definitely fetch one premium quality products at economical rates.