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Types Of Short Sleeved Tops For Women: Wear According To Your Body Type

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By Alanic

We all want to wear clothes that enhance our body shapes and natural beauty, flaunting the fab areas and concealing the problem parts. This happens not just when we are trying out a dress, a skirt, or denim, this also happens when we are trying on a short sleeve tee or blouse. We all have different shapes and hence, channelizing the correct silhouette is very essential. The short-sleeved tops can be worn to parties, whereas the blouses to the office and tees for causal strolls and gyms. Whatever might be the type of the top of the cut, there is no denial of the fact that these clothes are wardrobe staples for every fashion-forward woman. But while buying these from a leading short sleeve top for women online shop, keep in mind your figure and bank on the most suitable piece for yourself. Let not a wrong selection be krypton to another outfit!

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We will get you covered with the types of short sleeves found in the women’s short sleeve tee online market :

Crisp cap sleeve

A very short sleeve pattern, it doesn’t go past the armpit and covers the shoulders only. This gives the illusion of a broad shoulder without flaunting the chest. A pear-shaped woman can wear cap sleeves for adding balance to the hip by creating bulk on the shoulders.

Feminine cuffed

Whether a folded cuff or an extra piece of cloth attached to the sleeves, the cuffed sleeves look good on women since old times. This type doesn’t run below the elbow and with a proper fit, they look good on any body type.

Classic bell sleeve

The vintage bell sleeves are not wide, but rather narrow around the shoulder and upper arm. They are of three-quarter length or shorter and extend to a wide arm opening. It has the ability to widen and flaunt the chest, hence women with a boyish or pear-shaped figure must try this.

Trendy kimono sleeve

Kimono sleeve is very trendy for today’s global fashion scene, and very versatile, suiting every women’s figure effectively. Cut along with the bodice, it has no seams or attachments for a separate sleeve. It is basically a loose fabric covering the arms and pear-shaped women look good with the shorter lengths whereas apple and full-figured ones look good with the ones running to the elbows. When it comes to hourglass figures, they can wear kimono sleeve tops effortlessly with confidence.

Pretty puffed sleeves

Also known as princess sleeves, the royal and regal charm of any woman is enhanced with them. The amount of material cluttered around the armhole creates the illusionary puff effect. Giving volume to the upper body, hourglass and pear-shaped women can wear them with ease.

Balloon bishop sleeve

It drapes from the shoulder to the gathered hem and creates a balloon-like effect. Widening any area where the sleeve falls, apple-shaped and peer-shaped women can try this style to accentuate their fab areas.

Classy cut-outs

When women with hourglass and boyish figure frames buy women short sleeve tee online, they must go for cut-out sleeves as they have vertical cuts out at the opening of the shoulder!